Actively Dating

If you’re like me dinner and drinks can be nice when dating, but having a challenge or working up a sweat can be a great time in more ways than one. Li ving in Seattle we have tons of incredible stuff to do, and these date ideas are perfect for active people or anyone who wants to move their body, stay healthy and have fun while finding love. Drinks and dinner afterward totally optional. Ain't No Mountain High Enough We are surrounded by mountains and so lucky to live within 30-40 minutes of a wealth of hikes. This is a nice opportunity to unplug, break a sweat and work towards an epic view with someone you care about. Pack a picnic lunch to nosh on at the top and you have the makings for a great, fit date. Check out...
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The Power of Your Birthstone

garnet gemstone necklace by C.A. Kittle
There are significant ties for when we are born in relation to “who” we are – may it be by the minute, day, week, month or year. Perhaps the most recognized association is that of the zodiac - when people ask you what's your sign. But in earlier times one’s birthstone was just as significant. Even though early integration of the birthstone is unclear, the power and value over gemstones dates back to ancient times. Birthstones were spoken of in the book of Exodus in the Bible. Zodiac birthstones were written about in the 1st century. The idea of the modern birthstone – a person wearing a gemstone in relation to their birth month - traces back to Poland when Jewish gem traders arrived in the country during the 18th century. The current list of the modern birthstone was set...
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Metallica Rocks Seattle

(photo credit: Kjell Redal/The Seattle Times ) Metallica arrived in Seattle this past Wednesday, August 9th to perform at Centurylink Field as part of their 2017 WorldWired tour. It's been 9 years since Metallica rocked this city and Seattle fans were drooling at the bits to experience their heavy metal hits lining up before noon in hopes to see 36 year old band members walk by.  I consider myself a true "Metallica head" being a loyal fan since their first time they began. Wednesday was my 5th time experiencing the  WorldWired  tour.  I've seen them in East Rutherford, Uniondale, Detroit, Montreal. Every show has blown me away and it was exactly the same at CenturyLink Field. The show kicked off with a played track of “Ecstasy of Gold” that transition into Lars Ulrich fast drum thrashing beats to introduce "Hardwired." Once...
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S’more to Love on National S’mores Day

Epic camping tradition; warm, indulgent dessert; iconic pop tart flavor; decadent milkshake made better with Kahlua. What’s not to love about s’mores. The best thing about s’mores is that, like any social tradition, they’re best enjoyed with friends or family and usually invoke some kind of nostalgic memory. Sure, things have been a bit smoky around here, but whether there’s a fire ban, coal ban, or any other kind of ban hindering your last month of summer, there’s still time to make s’more memories with these Seattle spots and recipe ideas. Urban Camping @ Shelter Lounge Head to Ballard to enjoy the complimentary s’mores set up at Shelter Lounge . Even in inclement (or highly smoky weather) the indoor fire pits lend a convenient spot to camp out with your squad and get down on summer’s best free dessert. Have...
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Light & Right for Summer

The Kimono + Botanical Ivory - Hark and Hammer
Seattle’s heat wave won’t last forever! As fall is approaching, there are warmer options trickling in to get you ready for cooler nights. Taking the right lightweight layering option is key to staying comfortable for rooftop parties and outdoor gatherings. When choosing from the options below, take into consideration what you’ll be wearing. There’s everything from a silky botanical kimono, embellished denim jacket, faux leather jacket, open stitched cardigan, and chic white blazer to complete your look. The Kimono + Botanical Ivory // HARK + HAMMER $258 Kimonos and loose fit silky layers are summer’s romantic option. There is a mix of a sexy seductive element with the look of lingerie but I promise it is daytime appropriate. The soft, silk charmeuse is imported straight from Italy, where fashion is all about quality. The shorter length give you options to...
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Unplug at Camp Rahh

Summer camps are a staple of any amazing childhood. You get a week away from your parents (or they get a week away from you), you make new friends, participate in exciting outdoor activities, step outside your comfort zone and to put it simply, have fun. As working adults, it can be difficult to take some personal time to unplug, relax and just have fun. Fun is essential to living. A life cannot be spent simply locked into a desk. So before your summer and your life slip through your fingertips, take some time for yourself and to remember what it feels like to be a kid again. Welcome to Camp Rahh What is Rahh? Rahh is a 21+ summer camp where adults can escape the work grind with a peaceful weekend free of technology, drugs and alcohol. The founders...
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August Food News: Paleo Dining, More Ramen, and POKE

August Food News - The Seattle Poke Contest
August Food News - 2120
Poke is still the new avocado toast and the Seattle restaurant scene is still turnt up. Find a patio to sit on and take in all the flavors this summer has to offer while there’s still extra daylight. Newish 2120 From the owners of 99 Park in Bellevue, 2120 spices up Amazon Headquarters with this trendy spot to see and be seen. Each dish includes a Mexican flare paired with local Pacific Northwest traditions including $2 oysters at happy hour. Sit on the patio and people watch with their New York “Asada” or mole verde gnocchi. Tentenyu Ramen From Kyoto to LA and now, Cap Hill, ramen lovers can get their fix. Tentenyu specializes Kyoto style ramen, emphasizing their creamy, rich slow simmered chicken broth. Their signature ramen is Tentenyu Chashu Ramen with eight slices of pork chashu, menma (fermented...
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Seattle Concerts: The Hottest Names Coming In August

This summer has been a big one for Washington concerts. Headlining names like John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Russ, Khalid, Slightly Stoopid, and more have all headed up to the Pacific Northwest to bless the evergreen state with their presence.  If you think that you have missed out, there is some good news. Seattle summer concerts are far from over. Washington – finally – has that much anticipated blazing summer heat, and there is not a better way to spend it than enjoying live music this August. Kendrick Lamar: The DAMN. Tour with Travis Scott & D.R.A.M., August 1st @ Tacoma Dome If you listen to rap, you know Kendrick Lamar. The American rapper is stopping by Tacoma to promote his fourth album, DAMN . You may know some singles off the album like “HUMBLE,” “DNA,” and “FEAR.” Joining Lamar on...
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8 Ways to Meal Prep Like a Boss

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle, which means we are busier than ever, and staying on track and eating healthy can be difficult. I get it - you’ve got parks to visits, kayaks to float in and microbrews to drink in the sun. That's where a little planning and prepping one day a week can make a big difference in your life. If you are busy, want to lose weight, eat healthier or just like to get all your cooking done at once, this is the way to go.  It can seem daunting at first to plan that far ahead (I know it was for me) but hopefully these tips will help make it easier and get you going towards successful meal prepping. Start Simple This isn’t really the time to start eating crazy foods you aren’t used to, at least...
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Men's Fashion: Summer Style List

Prada espadrille
Summer is all about bright colors, crazy prints, and sunny weather gear. The best clothing will take you from work to evening to make the most of the longer days and sunlight. Check off these items for ideas to add a few new trends to your closet collection. The Summer Style List includes espadrilles, a camp shirt, linen sport coat, a bracelet, and a tote bag with top brands including Prada, Fendi, and more. Prada Espadrille $530 This shoe is not like any other you own, this two-tone espadrille will take you from weekend, to work, and even to your evening get togethers. You’ll be able to get away with wearing this with white jeans, shorts, and a nice, bright sport coat. The denim fabric exterior, cord detail, and band of color create a visually pleasing shoe to add instant...
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Keep your Cool! Best Ways to Beat the Seattle Sun

Seattle Art Fair Gilley Wotan Woodside Braseth Gallery
When the temps rise and the Seattle beaches are packed, there is still plenty to do that will keep the summer cooler than ever.  Be Artsy Artists have long been a little bit cooler than everyone else. Tap into your artsy self by embracing the summer’s scene. Escape the sun by retreating to WAMU for the Seattle Art Fair , a cultural hub for Pacific Northwest art featuring large-scale outdoor sculpture at the North Plaza at CenturyLink Field by Jessica Jackson Hutchins . Hutchins incorporates stained glass frames into art inspired by the design of public rest spots, such as bus stops and park gazebos, to invoke a feeling of friction between mundane and transcendent.  Don’t miss local artists like Sean Barton featured by SEASON and Sherry Markovitz featured by Greg Kucera Gallery.  Photo: Gilley Wotan Woodside Braseth Gallery (Seattle...
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30 Signs You're a True Dog Parent

cute puppy
Listen up dogs, times are changing. Humans have become busier. Less and less are having tiny humans and replacing that unconditional love for us. We are no longer just a ball of adorable fur on four legs. We have become family. We no longer have masters, we have "pawrents." Dog parents that obsessed over us and accept us as their own. Mine sure do. I started training them the moment they met my adorable puppy eyes. Now ask yourself - are you just a pet or are you a furbaby? Not sure? Simply hand your pawrents this checklist of dog obsessed signs to learn how to become a true dog parent and you will be on your way to the spoiled dog lifestyle... if you aren’t there already. 1. Your dog isn’t just your dog – it’s your baby. 2....
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Winter Is Finally Here: Game Of Thrones Season 7 Predictions

 Winter has arrived – in the middle of summer. On Sunday, July 16th season 7 of Game of Thrones premieres. Through the first six seasons, viewers could rely on the books, written by George R. R. Martin, as a guide to what was coming next. This season, viewers will not have this luxury. Aside from what has already happened, it is pretty much a guessing game from this point. Season six ended on an intense note. Cersei Lannister blew up the Sept of Baelor and everyone in it and around it, including the High Sparrow and Margaery Tyrell. She took her seat on the Iron Throne and named herself ruler of the seven kingdoms. Arya Stark continued on her kill list by slitting Walder Frey’s throat and turning his children into a dinner dish. Jon Snow, or the King of...
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Keep Your Workout Cool

Ugh. I hate running in the heat, I run outside all through the winter, rain, sleet, wind and freezing cold, but transition to the treadmill in the summer when the rest of the running folk flock outdoors. I do my best to avoid the heat by getting up early, doing indoor classes, or treadmill workouts but when training for a race, longer outdoor runs are unavoidable. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in a cooler climate most of my life. I love a good hot sunny day for hanging on a boat, having a bbq or lying in the sun, but not to workout in. Yet, I want to be able to enjoy the summer, getting lots of vitamin D and outdoor training. Running through the summer is great conditioning for early fall runs and a great way to see all of...
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Summer Hair Trends Are Going Up

Summer Hair Trends: Top Knots
During the summer months, our luscious locks flow ever so lightly in the warm breeze with our highlights shining from the bright sunny rays giving the essence of long beautiful hair. But let’s be honest, underneath the beauty is a sweaty mess of sticky hair or continuous sprays of hairspray to keep those humidity curls from springing up. Take these trending updos to keep cool this summer, each featured with a tutorial so you can nail every look. TOP NOTCH KNOTS Whether you want to part ways and wear it half and half or tie it all together, the top knot has made its way up. From a casual look to a trend celebrities are sporting out and about and on the red carpet. Top Knot Tutorial by Amber Scholl HOT CROSS BUNS If you’re not a fan of knots...
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Tastiest Trips in the Pacific Northwest

When all you want to do is get out of town and as far from your desk job as possible, weekend getaways are clutch. There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving the office early on a Friday and hittin’ the road. And if you’re anything like me, one of the best parts of skipping town is trying new restaurants, sampling local specialties, and searching for hidden eateries off the beaten path. For indulgence chasers, foodies, and anyone who appreciates a good old fashioned weekend road trip, try one of these Pacific Northwest destinations. VANCOUVER, BC The Trip: 2.5 hours driving or 4 hours by Bolt Bus Who should go: cosmopolitan taste-makers Where to go: - Brunch is worth the wait at the Library District’s Mediterranean-inspired Medina Café. Don’t skip the $3 lieg style waffle with White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater for...
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Festival Review: Upstream Music Fest + Summit

Photo credit: Rod Mar For three days, Pioneer Square went "Upstream." Over 25 stages featuring 300+ artists were spread out from CenturyLink Field to Occidental Park and beyond. In true Seattle fashion, we experienced some extremely questionable weather during Upstream Fest + Summit . But in between the clouds and downpours, we were blessed with a few fantastic sun breaks that made this fresh festival all the more special. Stages consisted of everything between humble street corners to elaborate set ups where loyal fans danced to the music of their favorite bands. This weekend I made the schlep to the main stage for amazing acts like Deep Sea Diver, Beat Connection, Flying Lotus and Shabazz Palaces, squeezed into clubs like the Comedy Underground for Thunderpussy and Dude York and watched Fauna Shade, Acid Tongue and Tangerine make the Buttnick Building...
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Interesting Facts to Know About May

May Day 8 Hours Labor Rights
Welcome to another month of 2017 and last full month of Spring as we creep into summer. What makes this month so special other the beautiful May flowers?  May Day marks May 1st marking the day smack dab in the middle between spring and summer and celebrated around the world. However that's not the reason why hundreds of Seattleites march the streets of downtown. May 1st is also the day where industrial workers across the U.S. went on strike in 1886 demanding 8 hour work days. Sadly the strike turned violent on the night of May 4, 1886 in Chicago when 180 policemen tried to break up the night's last meeting and a bomb exploded. It wounded 67 policemen and seven died. They opened fire in retaliation killing several men and wounding 200 protesters. The tragedy is known as the Haymarket...
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Kick That Secretary Butt Goodbye

Kick That Secretary Butt Goodbye
It’s the challenge every cubicle sitting, nine to five going, office living person faces. We have our jobs that burn little to zero calories, yet we’re supposed to lead healthy lives and burn more than we take in. How can we when we spend most of our days sitting in a chair? This phenomenon dubbed “secretary butt” is growing - no pun intended. Luckily you can avoid it with some ways to get kick that butt back into shape. Get Some Stability Sitting all day can promote a slouchy posture. Incorporating a stability ball in your work routine can not only help improve your posture, but it also increases balance and stability. To add to the benefits, you won’t be able to rely on leaning on the back of a chair, which means you will have to engage your core...
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LUZIA: It Was All a Dream

LUZIA: It Was All a Dream
Stilt Walkers and puppeteer at Cirque's LUZIA
The circus has finally arrived in the Seattle area – well the "Cirque" that is. The highly anticipated touring show, LUZIA, premiered this past Thursday under the Big Top inside Marymoor Park. Opening nights are always a big deal – it’s the first impression; it sets the standard on what to expect. I’ve been to three other Cirque opening nights, LOVE, Michael Jackson ONE, VIVA Elvis (no longer in production), and I saw O after it had been around for about year. All the shows are on massive stages in Las Vegas so experiencing Cirque du Soleil under the Big Top was a first. Any show Cirque produces is exceptional, but LUZIA was incredibly different because it was the best Cirque show I’ve seen yet.   Once my date and I arrived, we were greeted by a Mariachi stilt walker...
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