5 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Renovating the bathroom and kitchen are arguably the most expensive and arduous tasks when it comes to updating your home: moving plumbing, knocking out cabinets and buying big ticket items are usually to blame. However, there are simpler ways to update these rooms so they look fresh and new again.

1. Add Unique Tiles
Tile is a great way to add color, pattern and personality to your kitchen. For a classic look, a simple white subway tile backsplash will brighten up your kitchen without making it look too cluttered and busy. A huge trend right now is the square (4x4) white subway tile; this tile with add a more modern, geometric edge but with the same classic properties of its original counterpart. Using colored or patterned tiles for a kitchen floor is a great way to show the age and history of a home. Pick up a navy floral print tile to bring color and whimsy to an all-white kitchen; complete with butcher block countertops, and open upper cabinets.

2. Paint the Cabinets 
In lieu of getting brand new oak or walnut cabinets opt for staining or painting your original cabinets instead. Though painting all of your cabinets white may make it seem a bit sterile, it’s a really great way to open up a small kitchen and make it seem spacious. To create a kitchen with a little more personality, paint your upper cabinets a light color - white, cream or light blue; and paint your lower cabinets a darker color, slate, navy or black.

3. Update Fixtures
Changing out your handles and knobs is as easy as using a screwdriver. Anthropologie has a wide variety of unique and colorful knobs that will add an instant pop of color. Hardware stores, such as The Home Depot also offer a wide variety of unique cabinet fixtures.

4. Change Out Lighting
Adding more light to your kitchen will make it seem much more spacious and inviting. Installing a window can be expensive so try adding light colors and new brighter light bulbs to brighten your space instead. You can also add pendant lighting above your kitchen island in addition to your existing recessed lighting. This will add extra light to your space or warm ambiance when desired.

5. Accessorize
Accessorizing your home is a simple way to give any space an instant facelift. It’s also an effective way to bring your personality to your home. When accessorizing your kitchen, using practical and functional accessories is key to keeping your counter clutter free. Colorful bookends will keep your cookbooks in order, while kitschy salt and pepper shakers and a flea market woven rug will add vibrant energy.

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