7 Best Fitness Apps To Get You In Shape

7 Best Fitness Apps To Get You In Shape

Let's face it. We need to come to grips with the fact that our phones have become a pretty big part of our lives. They have turned into helpful little sidekicks that we take everywhere with us. I think we can all confidently say they are a constant in our lives and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. This is where we say hello to fitness apps. Not only are there a ton, but it's hard to decide which ones to pick with all the different options that are now provided to us at our finger tips. The best part is that the apps are with you all day so you will have no problem being consistent and staying accountable. Here's a list of our favorite apps of 2016 that will help you in your fitness ventures.

Charity Miles
Want to save the world and work out all at the same time? Well now you finally can. With this app, sponsors pay you twenty five cents for every mile you run. Crazy, right? The best part of this app is that you are able to pick from over 25 different charities. What better way to motivate yourself by not only doing something good for yourself, but also doing good for the world. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Do you have a hard time staying accountable? This app is perfect for you. The app rewards and punishes you for following a healthy lifestyle. You can either earn cash for completing all your goals or pay five dollars for every missed day. Not convinced just yet? Pact makes you log into the app everyday, and it also makes you actually check in just to confirm you are actually at the gym. No cheating yourself on this one guys.

If your phone is just not a good enough way to remind you of your goals everyday maybe you need to add a Fitbit in the mix. Having your steps to look at instantly can be a very motivating way to step up your steps everyday (pun intended). It also tracks how many calories you have burned throughout the day, your sleep cycle, and a weight log. If keeping track of your overall health and wellness is something of importance to you, maybe investing in a fit bit is worthwhile.

Ever blank on what to do next at the gym? This app is like a personal trainer on the go. Not only does it give you great workouts but you can also time it as long as you want. The app also has different categories so you are not just limited to one type of workout. It includes a section for cardio, strength training, yoga, and stretching. This app pretty much has it all.

The 7 Minute Workout
Have no time but still want to get a workout in to be content with? This app incorporates vigorous 7 minute workouts to get your daily fitness in your busy schedule. The voice guidance will help you every step of the way that it almost feels like you have an actual instructor talking to you.

Lose it!
Lose it is a great app for someone trying to lose weight. It compare with the other apps of tracking your step and also managers your caloric intake to help you on the way to reaching your goals. Lose It! has had a high success rate due to it's easy to use system and convenience. This app also gives you the choice to join in with a community of people for motivation, or set your setting to private if you'd like to go at it alone. Very user friendly and a great loss tool for anyone needing that little extra help.

Workout Trainer
Have an around the clock trainer with this awesome app. Workout Trainer actually provides a new workout every day. You can also create and edit workouts specifically designed by you for you. It’s another great and easy app to use because of the informational videos on the workouts and photos with descriptions. If you're looking for a personal training session and don't have lots of money to dish out for a costly session this app is probably calling your name as we speak.

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