Best Strains For Coming Down After Work

Best Strains For Coming Down After Work

There are few things in life as sweet - or as necessary - coming down from a hard, hair-raising day of work.

No matter who you are or what you do, if you exchange labor for capital, chances are you work too many hours a week, stress about money and finding time, and feel the need to be all things to all people. You get the drift.

The sad fact of the matter is, I could go on and on with that list. I am not alone in feeling harried and rundown by modern living. According to data from the U. S. Bureau of Labor And Statistics, the productivity of American workers has increased 400% since 1950, without seeing a proportionate increase in lifestyle. With this shift, the duties of most workers has increased exponentially, as well. Many of us wear many hats and crowns, while juggling hot irons and chainsaws and herding cats.

Personally, I'm a freelance writer, which means I'm a journalist, researcher, PR agent, critic, social media personality, data analyst, and sociologist; not to mention what it takes to stay current with all of the world's comings-and-goings. To truly comment on fashion, television, pop music, celebrity, or many other trending topics, you've to know what's going on, what people are saying, thinking and feeling.

Considering all of this, coming down at the end of the day is vitally important. Traditionally, Americans (and many other cultures) would decompress from labor and toil with alcohol. Personally, I don't drink. When I did drink, I never found it to be too terribly relaxing. The booze would key me up and make me want to party, plus I might have a couple before getting around to dinner, by which case I might be too loose to try and cook, and end up skipping dinner altogether. (Which is not healthy or recommended, by the way.)

This is one of the most unexpectedly amazing aspects of the emerging cannabis industry (or its mainstream acceptance). Cannabis is such a better alternative for coming down at the end of the long day, prepping up for dinner, shifting gears into your second job or career - whatever you need, really. To really suggest the best strains to decompress at the end of the day, first we must consider what you want your night to look like. Check out our guide and find the right kind of mellow you're after. 

The Big Comedown: OG Kush

OG Kush Cannabis
Photo: J. Simpson/Bitstar Productions

At 75% Indica and 25% Sativa, OG Kush is one of the closest strains to a pure hybrid as you can get. Being slightly higher on the Indica side makes this big-bodied, fluffy bud an absolute top shelf choice for coming down at the end of a long day, no matter what you do, while the Sativa aspect still keeps you mentally aware and acute. It’s the perfect choice for physical relaxation and mental stimulation - pretty much the perfect description of a perfect night.

So Zen: Blue Dream

Blue Dream Cannabis

A perennial favorite around my household, Blue Dream is the perfect blend of contemplative and energetic - perfect for staring out the window and contemplating the cosmos, or drawing, thinking, writing, or playing music, in a gently productive way. Blue Dream is also completely delicious and utterly beautiful, making it a microcosm of all that is good and right and holy about Cannabis Culture.

Start It Up: Green Crack

Green Crack Cannabis

For a lot of us, the idea of taking of kicking back and taking it easy after work is a distant dream or a far-off memory. Working after work is a reality for many of us, either at a second job, working towards a future career, developing our current profession, and that’s not even to mention having any hobbies, interests, or personal relationships. Green Crack is the perfect energizing strain for the active-minded individual that doesn’t want to get rooted to the sofa playing video games and eating potato chips all night long. 

Appetite Stimulation: Orange Skunk

Orange Skunk Cannabis

One of the first, last, and most famous benefits for Cannabis is as an appetite stimulant. Dinner is going to have to happen, at some point during the evening, so if your stomach is knotted from stress, cramped up from caffeine, or if you just want a truly revelatory culinary experience, Orange Skunk is a fantastic choice. Orange Skunk is a true hybrid, leaning towards the Sativa side, producing a clear-headed, creative high while still relaxing your body. As a side benefit, Orange Skunk also helps relieve anxiety and stress, so your cares will drip away, while your stomach is waking up.

cover photo: Jake Bevis // Genesis Industries/Bitstar Productions

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