Bring the Outdoors In

Bring the Outdoors In

Is there anything better than summer? Living in Washington gives you the ideal way of enjoying the very best that the region has to offer when the weather warms up. At Carriages at Fairwood Downs, our luxury apartments connect you to all of the amazing summer activities. You’ll see sunsets overlooking Maple Valley in the background and hear the birds chirping. How can you bring this sense of summer into your apartment, though? There are several simple things you can do to add a splash of summer into your day-to-day life within your apartment.

Open Your Windows

Pull back the blinds and curtains! Allow the sun to shine in. This will definitely help improve your mood since natural sunlight boosts moods and improves overall clarity.

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Add Some Plants

Easily start a small herb garden on your window sill or patio. You can just add a few potted house plants throughout the home. If you're looking for plants with low maintenance, bring succulents into your home. They look beautiful and don't need to be constantly cared for. Put plants in your living room and even in your bedroom! 

Out With the Old

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It’s also important to clear space for your new summer decorations. To decorate your home for summer, consider these tips:

  • Get rid of extra “stuff” and create more clean lines and organized spaces. It’s a great feeling each summer.
  • Focus on adding color. Whether you lighten things up with pastels on your bedding or table linens or you go with more bold colors and pops of color, any color can add a bit of interest to the space.
  • Think patterns. The use of patterns within your space, such as on table linens or even on the dishes you use can help to bring a positive, summer-like feel into the space. Choose patterns with bright colors or even flowers to create this feeling.

Summer is a time for new things and new beginnings. If you are thinking about making your move, come and check out the apartments at Carriages at Fairwood Downs in Renton, WA. Let us help you experience the thrill of summer in a new home, surrounded by friendly staff and exceptional amenities.

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