Movie Review: Daddy's Home

Movie Review: Daddy's Home

Release date: December 26, 2015
Rating: 3 / 5

The comfort level in watching Daddy’s Home is like being in a fully reclined Lazy Boy this holiday season, which is one of the flaws if this is an attempt to capture the holiday movie crowds. While we all love Ferrell and dream of a day when his comedy greatness will reign true again, we are left with Daddy’s Home, a slapstick family comedy reuniting Ferrell and Wahlberg (The Good Guys) together again to rekindle their almost exact identities from their previous foray together.

The storyline is quite simple. Ferrel plays Brad, a kind and quite “vanilla” radio station executive who has taken on the roll of the stepdad to two young tykes Megan (Estevez) and Dylan (Vaccaro), and their mom Sarah (Cardellini). Dusty, the biological father of the two kids is played by Wahlberg who embodies the “deadbeat dad” roll with his uber sexified and alpha-male demeanor.

The only sub-plot plays out with Brad having reproductive issues that cause a small rift in his relationship with Sarah who badly wants another child. His shortcoming are put on full blast as soon as Dusty rolls into town. The two men enter a contest of sorts to win the kids' and Sarah’s, hearts and attention. Always battling the “you’re not my real dad” stigma, Brad tries and fails over and over to impress the kids into loving him unconditionally.

While Daddy’s Home plays to the awkwardness of Ferrell’s under-confidence and to Wahlberg’s “man’s man” personas, it is something we have seen before and doesn’t leave much for the viewers to anticipate. The curve balls in the film can be seen a mile away so you are left with a very predictable, yet at times, very entertaining movie.

Take it for what it is and Daddy’s Home will leave you with a little holiday humor in your stocking, but definitely nothing left over for Santa.

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