Movie Review: Keanu

Movie Review: Keanu

Opening date: April 29, 2016
Score: 4/5

What does George Michael, a kitten and a violent street gang all have in common? Well nothing really, except they all somehow coexist in the new movie, Keanu starring everyone’s favorite comedic duo, Key & Peele.

After five amazing seasons of the Key & Peele Show, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are heading to the big screen in their first starring role as a duo. While there have been sightings of either of the two in other movies, fans have been longing for them to get a shot at their own full length motion picture and they won’t be disappointed with what transpired.

Keanu does what most recent comedies featuring two leading actors of the comedy space (Daddy’s Home, Ride Along, Get Hard) all fail to do - creating comedy gold while still interweaving in bits of pop-culture, race relations and marital affairs. It's genius, without feeling shoved down your throat.

Exploiting the nation’s internet obsession with cats, the duo figured out a way to base an action-comedy film around a tiny feline star. Two cousins (Rell played by Peele and Clarence played by Key) are living their lives when one day, after Rell experiences a bad break-up. A cute kitten whom he names Keanu, finds his way to his doorstep and quickly lightens his spirits. Shortly after falling in love with his new four legged friend, he is stolen from his apartment, which spins Rell into a furious hunt to get back Keanu. He quickly enlists his cousin Clarence to help find him. It turns into an hour and thirty minute laugh fest consisting of strip clubs, gang banging, drug dealing, murder and back-flips. Is that too much? Well don’t worry, the movie stays funny and is paced well from beginning to end.

Grab your friends and run, don't walk to your nearest theater. Keanu will be the movie the whole nation will be quoting for months to come. “Keanu get that bi*#h!” - don't worry it will all make sense soon.


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