Holiday Treats Dogs Can and Cannot Eat

The holidays are our favorite time of the year. Besides being spoiled by our awesome pawrents on a daily basis, the holidays mean extra treats, toys, and if we give the cutest of puppy eyes, a few bites of holiday dinner. However, no matter how much we beg, we can’t have it all. Don't worry fellow pups, there are some we can be thankful for along with some great alternatives. THE NAUGHTY LIST
  • dogs-eating-turkey
    Gobbling Up Turkey

    It seems like giving us the bird would be completely ok, but we won’t be thankful for all of it. Feeding us raw turkey – that includes the neck and gizzards, can cause bacteria or salmonella poisoning that could end our puppy years. If the turkey is cooked, avoid treating us to the turkey skin. It’s too fatty and will give us diarrhea and may cause pancreatitis. Lastly, no, no, no, turkey bones. All of us love a good bone, but turkey bones will splinter causing us to choke or rupture our belly. Keep it to cooked lean pieces without seasonings, gravy, or grease to keep us jolly. 

  • dog-ham-bacon
    Pigging Out

    How many times have you given your pup bacon or ham? Man, both of those are really yummy, but you may not have noticed that your furbaby wasn't feeling good afterwards. The grease from bacon is fatty and just as bad as that turkey skin and ham is packed full of sodium and preservatives – including those labeled organic and all natural. If sodium isn’t good for you humans imagine what it can do to us!

  • bad-nuts-for-dogs
    Going Nuts

    We like to think the nutcracker is a great chew toy for us during the holidays (if we can find a way to grab it), but the nuts that get cracked could be deadly. Macadamia nuts are poisoning to us so if you see us depressed, weak, vomiting, having tremors or paralysis, lack of coordination, or joint stiffness – take us to the vet ASAP. Walnuts contain a dangerous toxin that causes seizures, and almonds, pecans, pistachios, and hickory nuts can make our stomach upset or cause an obstruction. Peanuts, cashews, and hazelnuts are ok in moderation, but should be cooked along with salt, sugar, honey, and candied free.

  • garlic-spices-dogs
    Sugar and Spice – Not So Nice

    Onions, garlic, sage, chives, and nutmeg is all very dangerous. Not only will our stomachs hurt, but could have long term negative effects on our nervous system and red blood cells. Stuffing, mash potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie are the main culprits containing these so make sure to check all of your sides before “accidentally” dropping any.

    For the sweet stuff, most humans know sugar needs to be extremely limited, but some may not know sugar-free treats are just as dangerous. The artificial sweetener, Xylitol (also known as Gum Xylitol) causes a fast and sudden release of insulin in our body seriously lowering our blood sugar in less than 15 minutes. We could end up vomiting, being lethargic, having tremors, and more. If you don’t take us to the vet, we could end up dying or with severe liver damage. 

  • bad-food-for-dogs
    Just a Few More

    A few other items you may or may not know is unbaked dough – especially bread dough. It may seem like an obvious thing since humans shouldn’t eat it either, but some just can't resist puppy eyes. The dough can expand causing the stomach to twist that will require emergency surgery. Also bread dough contains yeast. Yeast creates alcohol, which tosses me to the next thing. It may seem cute to give us a small sip of beer, wine, or any alcoholic beverage, but it won’t be cute if we end up in respiratory failure or having seizures. Besides wine being alcoholic, it is also made from grapes. Grapes (and raisins) can also be fatal and cause kidney failure. Coffee, tea, other caffeinated beverages, chocolate, salt and avocados are also listed on the naughty foods list.

    One to watch is dairy. Some pups can handle it, some can’t due to a lactose intolerant. Also cow milk can contain sugar and almond milk, well, almonds aren’t good for us so the milk isn't either.

THE NICE LIST I understand how hard it can be for you humans to resist our begging charms and may think that “just a little won’t hurt.” But do you really want to take that chance? To make us feel like we are still part of the holiday traditions without sacrificing our health, here are some dog approved holiday sips and eats to...
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Pumpkin is easily the most popular fall flavor, we find it in lattes, muffins, patches and even skincare. Aside from being trendy, pumpkin is actually super good for you. Pumpkin is low in calories and packed with fiber which helps you feel fuller longer so adding this tasty member of the squash family to your oatmeal, smoothies or even soup is a great healthy choice. They are also packed with vitamin C to help you fight that fall cold and full of beta carotene and antioxidants to help lower blood pressure and even improve eyesight.> Give this delicious smoothie a try the next time you want a pumpkin drink, it’s vegan, gluten free and full of fiber and vitamins. For an extra boost add your favorite plant based protein powder. Perfect Pumpkin Smoothie ½ cup pumpkin puree ½ banana ⅓...
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Make Your Own Protein Bars

We all lead pretty busy lives, and eating healthy on the go can be challenging. Things like meal prep and having healthy snacks on the fly can make this a lot easier. Unfortunately, a lot of protein or energy bars are pretty expensive if you make them a staple in your diet. Making your own protein bars at home can be an easy and delicious alternative and be much better for your waistline and your wallet. Here are some great alternatives to store-bought bars if you want to try your hand at making your own batch. If you like KIND Bars: Oat & Nut Bars 1 cup oats 2 cups almonds ⅓ cup dried cherries ¼ cup unsweetened coconut flakes 1 tablespoon chia seeds ½ cup honey or maple syrup 2 tablespoons coconut oil - Combine dry ingredients in bowl....
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High Need for Sleep

Sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Today, one-third of Americans are getting less than the recommended amount of sleep (7 hours per night). In Washington state, it’s 31.2% to be exact. Whether you get the hours or not, you still may be part of the 87% of Americans that have a hard time falling asleep. Even waking up throughout the night can cause you to be tired all day long. So why the increase in lack of ZZZ’s? Most is due to anxiety or stress that keeps your mind running all night long, surfing the web, scrolling through social media, may suffer from insomnia or sleep apnea, or studies have shown those with higher intelligence or creative talent have a hard time falling asleep at night. As work demands, technology, and fast paced lives increase – the lack of...
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8 Ways to Meal Prep Like a Boss

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle, which means we are busier than ever, and staying on track and eating healthy can be difficult. I get it - you’ve got parks to visits, kayaks to float in and microbrews to drink in the sun. That's where a little planning and prepping one day a week can make a big difference in your life. If you are busy, want to lose weight, eat healthier or just like to get all your cooking done at once, this is the way to go.  It can seem daunting at first to plan that far ahead (I know it was for me) but hopefully these tips will help make it easier and get you going towards successful meal prepping. Start Simple This isn’t really the time to start eating crazy foods you aren’t used to, at least...
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Kick That Secretary Butt Goodbye

Kick That Secretary Butt Goodbye
It’s the challenge every cubicle sitting, nine to five going, office living person faces. We have our jobs that burn little to zero calories, yet we’re supposed to lead healthy lives and burn more than we take in. How can we when we spend most of our days sitting in a chair? This phenomenon dubbed “secretary butt” is growing - no pun intended. Luckily you can avoid it with some ways to get kick that butt back into shape. Get Some Stability Sitting all day can promote a slouchy posture. Incorporating a stability ball in your work routine can not only help improve your posture, but it also increases balance and stability. To add to the benefits, you won’t be able to rely on leaning on the back of a chair, which means you will have to engage your core...
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Workout While Watching

Workout While Watching
Washington winters have made it hard to get our workouts in for the seasons ahead. Leaving your warm nest just sounds like the most unappealing thing at the moment. Cuddling up on the couch under layers of blankets while binge watching your favorite shows is much more desirable. Get over the guilt of skipping out on working it by compromising with these fit tricks to do while watching the tube. Optional workout accessories: Matt Dumbbells V-crunch: 1) Start on your back lying completely flat on the floor. 2) Extend your body up to a "V" position. 3) Lower body while keeping back flat and shoulders off the floor. Cross body mountain climber: 1) Get into a push-up position. 2) Bring your right knee to your left elbow. 3) Return to starting push-up position. 4) Bring your left knee to your...
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Where Did All of This Skin Come From?

Where Did All of This Skin Come From?
So you set a weight loss goal and, after months dedicated to shedding those extra pounds, you reached your target. Sweet, sweet success. But then, a crushing disappointment: looking in the mirror and seeing the fistfuls of loose skin hanging limply, left behind from a loss of elasticity. Losing a significant amount of weight – 50 to 100 pounds – is a tremendous personal achievement that can lead to improved health and a more rewarding and active lifestyle. But it's not always accompanied by an increased confidence in your body, which may look deflated. That can discourage people who looked forward to showing off the new contours they've worked so hard to earn. For these people, concern about excess skin after extreme weight loss goes beyond cosmetic worries. It makes a real difference in their futures. Researchers in Switzerland concluded...
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Alcohol vs Cannabis

Alcohol vs Cannabis
It is safe to say that alcohol has been culturally celebrated for years as the go-to substance for enjoying social gatherings, liquor courage, relieving stress or to feel good. But how many times have you woken up after a night of drinking and felt useless the entire day? You have zero motivation to get out of bed, be social, be productive, and your mind is so clouded that even thinking seems painful. Besides there being multiple health concerns in relation to drinking alcohol, including addiction, the most concerning is that on average 88,000 deaths a year due to alcohol poisoning ( CDC ).  There are alternative options to fulfill desired needs that alcohol can provide. Cannabis offers the same stress-relieving qualities but without the countless toxic chemicals and hangover the next day. The stigma behind cannabis consumption still exists. You may...
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