The Art of Organizing

The Art of Organizing

Two times a year, we clean house. First, in the spring, we purge our wardrobes and interior spaces to make room for new fashion and design trends. We officially reset our lives every January first with the beginning of a new year. Around this time we also make a list of resolutions that we may or may not give up on two weeks in.

This year, forge ahead and add a resolution to your list that is attainable yet trying, a goal that you can reap the benefits of in all aspects of your life. Something as simple as, organizing your home, is an effective goal that will make a big impact.

When talking about the organization of your home, there are three ways to approach this task; you can: do-it-yourself, ask the experts, or hire out. To do-it-yourself is an easy way to approach the organization of your home. For the Pinterest lovers of the world, you can find plenty of organization solutions there, as well as perusing the aisles of The Container Store.

Another way to effectively organize your home is to ask the experts. Last year in particular there was a huge push to “clean house” because of the crazed book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Kondo is a professional cleaning consultant who focuses on the purging of belongings based on how they make you feel. Her process goes a little like this, take every item you own off its shelves and hold it. Does it give you joy? If not, it must go; thank the object for the joy it brought you and move on.

This method is very effective at getting rid of those unwanted items you’ve been holding onto for years. Kondo breaks it down into simple, meaningful mantra: “clutter is correlated to stress; spend money on experiences rather than things.”

A second expert or rather, practice, to try is the age-old practice of feng shui, the “art of placement”. The root of this practice, like Kondo’s, is focused on the energy of objects, the energy of your space. The goal is to balance this energy, called “chi,” in each space to improve heath and bring good fortune. One can achieve good chi by: decluttering their home, practicing the mantra “less is more,” investing in good linens, painting their walls with calming colors, and by creating a natural flow between interior spaces.

If DIY projects require too much time, Marie Kondo’s methods seem a little bizarre, or feng sui is just too much for you, than consider hiring out to get your space organized. There are many professional consultants and companies that will come to your home and help you organize your space in a quick and effective manner.

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