The Pregnancy Test ... On Your Phone

The Pregnancy Test ... On Your Phone

Finding out that you're pregnant? There's an app for that. Does it seem impossible? You may imagine a picture of peeing on your favorite phone, but we know phones aren't waterproof (or pee proof). 

First Response has introduced a pregnancy test that is connected to your phone. The test stick is paired with an app from the device to provide everything including test results, result-related content and services, and more. The technology of this new Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test and App Access was developed by Church & Dwight and Qualcomm Life Inc. is maintaining the connectivity.

The working process of the device is very interesting and useful for users. At the very beginning of test, the Pregnancy PRO stick synchronizes via Bluetooth to the First Response app that is installed in the user’s smartphone. The user enters their profile details to customize the app for the expected content. The main test procedure takes three minutes. During this time every woman experiences a high volume of worry and excitement, but you will be provided with some exclusive services that can help you minimizing the anxiety. Th but the app provides a calm and cool experience of before the special news. Calming music, photos, videos and even starring puppies on the screen will help pacify and entertain your mind. You will get time-to-time assurance through a three-minute countdown to the result. Or you read about all the necessary information about fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood.

Stacey Feldman, Vice President of Marketing, Church & Dwight describes the uniqueness of the product in a brief statement, “We are thrilled to be unveiling the next generation of in-home pregnancy testing on a stage like CES, where so many technological advancements have made their debut with Pregnancy PRO, we’ve leveraged unique consumer insights to develop a product that not only revolutionizes the pregnancy test category, but more importantly, provides women with the information they need during their journey.”

After the test is finished, whether you are happy or frustrated, there is something more for you. If it is negative, the Pregnancy PRO app will suggest you some steps for the next time you want to try or avoid pregnancy. You will get information including period cycle tracking and other tips about fertilization. In case of positive report, the app will provide the estimated date of delivery based on the inputted data of the user. Moreover, it will track pregnancy milestones, suggest doctor to check out and send reminders for appointments. It also gives you the updates of the expected growth of your baby.

In the whole period of pregnancy, the Pregnancy PRO application can be a good companion for you with information, updates, suggestions, reminders, and entertainments.

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