The Silent Killer

The Silent Killer

The nervous system is responsible for every function in our body. From waking up in the morning to walking, talking, breathing, digestion, immune function and going to bed. Your nerves travel from the brain, down into the spinal cord, branching out into organs and limbs throughout the body to every tissue and cell.

Misalignments in your spine due to injuries, poor postural, sleeping and sitting improperly, can place abnormal stresses that can shift the vertebrae out of place. These shifts and imbalances can pull on these delicate nerves and exert pressure reducing energy from reaching its intended destination. Chiropractors call this “Nerve Interference," a dangerous and usually silent condition with health altering side effects if it is left uncorrected.

Over time if organs don’t receive proper nerve supply they are prone to weakness and disease. Most organs don’t have pain receptors as sensitive like the skin and muscles, so usually the effects of spinal misalignment can go silent and appear over time without any warning.

The most common and ignored symptom of nerve pressure is low energy and tiredness. Low energy can lead to many health conditions. Most people blame low energy on lack of sleep, lack of caffeine or not exercising and the root cause of their low energy can go undetected for years.

How Can Nerve Stress Be Treated?
Nerve stress is treated by correcting abnormal posture and imbalances of the spine will take excessive pressure off the delicate nerves in the neck and back so the body can start healing and functioning optimally. Chiropractors, specializing in corrective spinal care, can help eliminate nerve pressure through non-invasive and safe methods. Depending on the severity, the process can take from several weeks up to two years, but once completed and maintained your body will be back to action.

If you feel you are experiencing these symptoms, call (206) 441-7984 to schedule your appointment at Belltown Spine & Wellness that utilizes Chiropractic BioPhysics to correct imbalances and dysfunction of the spine to eliminate nerve stress and uncover hidden symptoms.

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