Winter Color Pallet: Paint Edition

Winter Color Pallet: Paint Edition

As the bitter chill of winter sets in we haul out our faux fur throws, spice-scented candles, blanket scarves and consume warm beverages by the gallon.

Another easy way to warm up any space and boost your winter blues is through paint. When was the last time you walked into your white-walled apartment after a bitter rainstorm and thought, “wow, this color makes me feel so warm and cozy!” Never, right?

When painting your walls for the wintertime, think warm thoughts. Avoid those cool-toned, blue-based colors such as your greys, whites, cobalts, and indigos. Instead, veer towards warm-toned colors, specifically colors with a red or yellow base. This warm-toned palette includes, your butterscotch browns, deep olives and warm burgundy’s. Anchor these colors with tan, mocha or terracotta accents.

If painting an entire space is too much of a commitment, repaint your end tables, interior doors, figures or chairs instead for an instant warm reboot.

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