Shots in the Dark: 4 Dive-y Bars with Cocktails

Shots in the Dark: 4 Dive-y Bars with Cocktails
The rain is beating down on your frozen Seattle soul and you’re one of the people that refuses to carry an umbrella. The bus is late or full. This winter feels colder than last year. Your heating bill has skyrocketed even though you swear you’ve barely touched the thermostat. If these aren’t reasons to hide in a dark bar and sip a cocktail while waiting out the storm, I don’t know what is. Forget it's winter with these dimly lit places for boozy concoctions. The Octopus Bar Ahoy, it’s a pirate ship turned shadowy booze paradise laden with treasure from breakfast flatbreads to Swedish fish cocktail garnishes. Set sail for this neighborhood oasis and be prepared to drink too many Shipwreck Molly (vodka, pineapple, orange, Blue Curaco, and soda) then return to cure your hangover with their acclaimed Bloody Marys....
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