Men's Style List: Non-Profit Supporters

Men's Style List: Non-Profit Supporters
Make a difference with each purchase whether it’s a gift for friend or for you.  Some of your favorite brands are featuring special products that give back to our global community by donating money, planting a tree, and providing safe births and medical care for pregnant women. I’ve rounded up my top stylish picks for the month March with merchandise by Endangered Apparel, We Wood, Warby Parker, TOMS, and Lem Lem. Share your favorites with friends and help bring awareness to the brands that are making an effort to change the world. WeWOOD // Jupiter // $90 Watches are an important wardrobe staple for a man and WeWOOD carries a variety of designs made by 100% natural wood and completely free of toxic chemicals. This finely crafted conversation piece comes in a variety of styles but the most visually appealing...
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