10 Reasons Why 4th of July is the Best Holiday of the Year

10 Reasons Why 4th of July is the Best Holiday of the Year

In this crazy, busy world, it's rare we get a chance to relax, reflect and appreciate the foundation of what we have built our independence and livelihood upon... America. Well that time is here. Welcome to 4th of July weekend. Independence Day is in my opinion one of the best holidays of the year. Let me tell you the reasons why you should make it yours as well. 

You are forced to take a day off from work... if lucky. Independence Day is a national holiday meaning a majority of businesses are closed. Just a bonus for you Seattleites, it's free parking for the day all throughout the city.

You get to celebrate America ALL DAY long…

Which means multiple BBQ invites...

and a reason to eat all your favorite foods in mass quantities.

There is only one beverage that is acceptable (and encouraged), alcohol.

The one day you can wear all your American flag gear and actually look cool.

Independence Day is the true epitome of summer.

One word: fireworks.

You get share and spread the love with family and friends.

Most importantly, we honor our independence and all those who have fought for it. As an American it is your duty to celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Happy birthday America!

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