10 Signs You Have Real Friends

10 Signs You Have Real Friends

My father always told me “if you have only one good friend your whole life, you are a very lucky person.”  With today's technology, it has made it pretty much impossible to lose contact with any one you have met along your journey. Therefore most of us have made many friends. Friends from our childhood, friends from collage, friends from different states, even friends of friends! However, it makes real genuine friendship even harder to find. In my case whether I like it or not, my real friends, are some of the biggest assholes yet most amazing people I have ever met. Check out these 10 signs to see if you have found some real friends as well.



As real friends you only speak to each other in full blown sarcasm. "I'll never be nice to you, get over it."

Real friends always figure out the new person you’re dating is wrong for you before you, but they will never tell you until after you discover it on your own... and you’ll never live it down!

You are telepathic, a.k.a being able to communicate without saying a word... 

… and empathetic. If they are sad, you're sad. If they are happy, you're happy.

You spend so much time together that the amount of inside jokes you share turns into a second language.

Real friends speak nothing but the truth... the good, the bad and the ugly!

Your first name doesn’t exist any more, just an array of nutty little nick names.

Real friends inspire each other's weirdness; it's like a tag team of crazy.

You know you have a real friend when you can talk about the most important thing… poop.

Even if you haven't spoken for months or years, you will always pick up where you left off like it was yesterday.

No matter how close or how far, they will always support and encourage you.

Real friends not only know your whole family but they become your family. You can’t imagine a life with out them.


This blog is dedicated to my first real friend, my brother.

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