10 Signs You're 30

10 Signs You're 30

It was determined by society a while back that the 30's are the new 20's, but the reality is that your body and mind don't feel the same way. Whether you have hit that age or an old soul, here are 10 signs you are in 30's or at least feel that way.

When your hangover lasts two days instead of two hours.

Things start happening earlier ... like going to bed and getting up.

Acronyms. WTF - you don’t get them. LOL

You work out twice as hard but your body only shows half of the results.

You care more about your future then your social life and how “cool” people think you are.

Dating... You are no longer looking for Mr./Mrs. Right Now. You want the right one for life.

Your "squad" becomes smaller, but your friendships become closer. 

You have to schedule work vacation time around all the wedding invites you receive.

You start sounding like your parents and realize they WERE right.

You no longer give a f*ck. You let go of the little things and realize what really matters.

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