30 Signs You're a True Dog Parent


Listen up dogs, times are changing. Humans have become busier. Less and less are having tiny humans and replacing that unconditional love for us. We are no longer just a ball of adorable fur on four legs. We have become family. We no longer have masters, we have "pawrents." Dog parents that obsessed over us and accept us as their own. Mine sure do. I started training them the moment they met my adorable puppy eyes. Now ask yourself - are you just a pet or are you a furbaby? Not sure? Simply hand your pawrents this checklist of dog obsessed signs to learn how to become a true dog parent and you will be on your way to the spoiled dog lifestyle... if you aren’t there already.

1. Your dog isn’t just your dog – it’s your baby.
cute puppy

2. Your best friend.
best dog friends

3. If it was to you, you would take your dog everywhere you go.
dog driving
4. You take your dog to work with you...
work dog
5. ...and give them a job.
dog job
6. Dog friendly bars are your go-to spots.
Dog at bar
7. You know where every dog park is in your city.
dogs swinging in park
8. Your favorite place to shop is the pet store (our favorite too).
dog shopping
9. You have at least one (or 20) items of clothing to dress your dog.
dog in dress
10. Half of your income goes to treats, walks, day care and toys...
dog spending money
11. because you can't tell those adorable puppy eyes no.
puppy eyes
12. Your dog probably eats better than you do…
dog being fed
13. and your dog’s birthday party is bigger than your own.
dog birthday party
14. A Starbucks run always includes a Pupaccinco.
15. You watched the Puppy Bowl with your dog instead of the Super Bowl.
puppy bowl 2016
16. You don’t move when your dog is sleeping on you in fear of waking them up.
dog cuddle sleeping
17. Yet you wake up at the sound of a whimper no matter how deep of sleep you are in.
Dog waking
18. You have a wifi camera to watch, speak and throw treats to them when you're not home.
furbo wifi camera
19. You have full conversations with your dog.
talking airedale
20. Sometimes you bark...
barking with dog
Jose Ahonen
21. sometimes you answer back for them.
talking dog
22. You're constantly wondering what your dog is thinking...
thinking dogs
23. and dreaming.
dreaming dog
24. You make excuses not to go out because you would rather spend time with your dog.
Playing with dog
25. You subscribe to DogTV for your dog to watch.
dog watching tv
26. Your phone photos are 90% of your dog...
taking dog photos
27. The other 10% is selfies… with your dog.
dog selfie
28. Any date no matter how good looking must love dogs too. 
hot guy with dog
29. You love your dog unconditionally. 
loving dog

30. And you know your dog loves you the same ten folds.
dog love

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