5 Ways to Get Off The Couch

5 Ways to Get Off The Couch

I feel, as humans we are not all programmed to love working out. Of course we all want to chase after those amazing endorphins that you get after a sweat-filled workout. But what if it’s just been a long day and you would just rather snuggle up by the fireplace and drink some wine and pop in your favorite flick? Sometimes, as much as we don’t feel like it, working out is something that we need to do to live a happy, healthy and fit life style. So what do you do when you can’t seem to find the motivation or inspiration to work out? Here’s a couple of tricks to get that little kick in your step and that butt into the gym.

1. Caffeine High
Straight up, please! I’m sure when I say coffee, many different things come to mind. White mochas, lattes, Americanos with the usual sugar and cream. None of that. Espresso shots are a great way to keep it healthy, light and straight to the point and really benefit from that caffeine kick. The best part is caffeine blocks the pain signals from your body to your brain. So there will be gain but no pain. Make sure to drink lots of water prior to your workout because coffee and working out can both be very dehydrating. So make sure to get more H2O throughout the day.

2. Fill The Tank 
Fuel that passion This is the most common way to get energy in before a workout session. This is great if you need a last minute pick me up. Pre-workout supplement is great because it is highly effective and has so many different options. You can get it in powder form and mix it just with a bottle of water on the go, mix it with your favorite pre workout smoothie, or just pop a pre-workout pill and you’re good to go. Take your pre- workout 30 minutes before your workout so it kicks in by the time you get to the gym.

3. Be Fully Equipped
Get high tech. Have a weekly show you have to see? Many gyms offer a television monitor with full cable attached to their cardio machines. If you’re really feeling sluggish that day and don’t want to deal with the “I didn’t workout blues”, figure out when your show airs, commit to that time and head to that gym. You’re not missing any of your favorite shows, you still got your workout in and hey, you’re cardio workout might have pumped you up to do even more. If this sounds like something that is right up your alley, investing in a gym with fully equipped cardio machines might be just what you need.

4. “B” Up For It
Vitamin B is a natural and great way to enhance energy and decrease any fatigue you may have. Vitamin B aids your body in converting carbs into energy. This is an amazing way to consistently give your body that energy boost you need on a daily basis and help you maintain your energy throughout the day. No crashing here. Lacking vitamin B can also lead to feeling tired and not performing to the best of your ability at the gym. You can get vitamin B though many different sources including drinks, capsules, B-12 shots and your diet.

5. Best Buddies
Workout while you hang out This is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and accountable. Also it’s always great to catch up with a friend and workout all at the same time. Set up a time to meet up so there’s no room for excuses or any backing out, because backing out on a friend is always a lot harder than backing out on just yourself. Find a class that you both love, hire a trainer together, do partner workouts, the ideas are endless when you have a workout buddy. This is a guaranteed and fool proof way of sticking to that work out you promised yourself to do and make it way more fun.

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