5 Ways to “Romance” Your Home

5 Ways to “Romance” Your Home

February is the month of love. As cheesy as it sounds, it really is. Post-Christmas shelves are stuffed with cartoon valentines, and bright pink and red candy packages. Oversized stuffed bears and heart stationary spilling out of the aisles.

A different way to approach this season is to head to the flower market or your favorite artisan candle store and stock up. Enjoy this season by simply having a delicious home cooked meal on a table covered with candles and Frank Sinatra cooing in the background. Small touches like these create the most romantic, intimate setting.

Here are five ways to add romanic touches to your home this month:

Flowers: An easy and subtle way to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day is with fresh flowers. Though really, a great way to brighten your home any day of the year is to scattered small bouquets of fresh flowers throughout your home. In the month of February, use a variety of blooms in red, pink, or white; they will add a romantic touch to every space.

Lighting: To create a romantic setting, ambience is key. In the evening, keep your lights off or dim; and fill your space with a variety of candles. There is nothing more relaxing or romantic then a sea of candles filling your home.

Cozy atmosphere: Create a warm and romantic atmosphere by layering faux fur pillows and thick knit blankets on your cool leather couches. Use warm, fluffy rugs in living spaces to warm them up. In the bedroom, put silk or Egyptian cotton sheets on your bed for extra comfort and the feeling of luxury.

Chocolate: During the entire month of February, the most consumed food is undoubtedly chocolate. What better way to celebrate the season of love than with a rich silky bar of chocolate or a selection of artisan truffles?

Though buying chocolates is convenient, making them can be even more rewarding. Truffles are probably the most popular chocolate made at home. Martha Stewart boasts a delectable Bourbon-Pecan Truffle while the Pioneer Woman jazzes it up with her take on a classic, Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt. If you’re still on a health kick try making Vegan truffles or Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter bars.

Music: Music sets the tone for any romantic evening, the pace for a long run, and the mood for a raging party. There’s nothing more romantic than choosing a playlist that represents your relationship. Instead of playing a pre-set Pandora playlist of “Romantic Hits”, make your own be adding music that reflects your personal relationship. Add the song you walked down the aisle to, the song you swayed to as a new couple, the song playing in the background on your horrible first date, or the angsty song you put on repeat after your first fight. There is nothing more romantic than reminiscing about your relationship thus far and looking ahead to the future of where it’s going.


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