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If you’re like me dinner and drinks can be nice when dating, but having a challenge or working up a sweat can be a great time in more ways than one. Living in Seattle we have tons of incredible stuff to do, and these date ideas are perfect for active people or anyone who wants to move their body, stay healthy and have fun while finding love. Drinks and dinner afterward totally optional.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough
We are surrounded by mountains and so lucky to live within 30-40 minutes of a wealth of hikes. This is a nice opportunity to unplug, break a sweat and work towards an epic view with someone you care about. Pack a picnic lunch to nosh on at the top and you have the makings for a great, fit date. Check out the WTA website to find a hike that suits you,

  1. Dreamboating
    Don’t have any friends with a boat? Not a problem, there are tons of places on the sound, Lake Union, and Lake Washington to rent kayaks, stand up paddle boards and even row boats. Aqua Verde i
    s a great place to hop in the water and check out the houseboats, and bonus - it’s also a restaurant so you can have a margarita and some tacos afterwards. If you are looking for something a bit more off the beaten path, UW rents canoes and row boats for super cheap and it’s usually much less busy.
  2. Every Little Step
    Don’t just walk to walk, have a destination, or better yet, a few destinations. A walk around the lake can be super nice when it’s hot out, but if you’re more the short jaunt type, pick 3 places for drinks, dinner and dessert and make sure they’re in different parts of Seattle and walk from place to place. It can be really fun to spread out your meal and see the city in between places.
  1. Come Away With Me
    If you both have bikes or can rent them, take them for a spin. You can bike on the Burke Gilman all the way out to Redmond, snag a beer at Redhook and some lunch or even sip some wine in Wine Country before heading back to catch dinner. You and your partner will love feeling the wind in your face and can even stop at Matthews Beach
     to dip your toes in the water to cool off. 
  2. Crazy in Love
    Ever wanted to do aerial yoga? Or push yourself in crossfit? Why not do it together - find something you’re both interested in and go and have fun. You might not know all the moves or be the best, but you’ll know you’re in it together and can even help push each other to get out of their comfort zone or make it through that last rep.

Hanging Out
There are plenty of indoor and outdoor rock climbing walls around Seattle that accommodate amateurs and the more experienced. If you’re an REI Member, they offer all levels of classes at their indoor wall
 and Stone Gardens in Ballard has a great outdoor wall

  1. It Takes Two to Tango
    Dancing together can be a fun and romantic way to be active on your date and doesn't even require athletic clothing. Century Ballroom offers lots of classes and has open dance sessions you can drop into.
    If that’s not really your thing, check out the Stranger’s website for all things dance and theater to find something that fits your style.

Hope you feel inspired to do something a little different on your next date and get a little fitter in the process. Leave a comment on this Facebook or Instagram post or tweet us any other fun active date ideas in Seattle that you’ve tried and loved.  

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