Break Up With Your Frizzy Hair

Break Up With Your Frizzy Hair

Frizz, the word alone sends a lot of us into a panic. You may be doing everything you can to avoid it, but the problem may not be originating from where you think. The root cause of frizz is breakage. Breakage has many sources, some well known and some overlooked. If you color your hair or use hot tools, deep conditioners and heat protecting products are your best friends. Those are fairly common, but there are two less obvious, but incredibly common culprits for frizz.

The first sneaky cause for breakage is your hair band. That’s right, even the “non-breakage” kind. The tension that they place on your hair from either pulling the hair taunt in an unnatural position, or the band itself being wrapped too tight around the hair for extended periods of time, weaken and break the strands. If you want to avoid this, break up with the band and start clipping your hair up with claw and banana clips.

The second is your pillow. I know it’s hard to imagine, but before you tell me you’ll have to sleep on this newfound information, hear me out. You don’t have to ditch the pillow altogether to get frizz free hair, just your pillowcase. Cotton, Egyptian cotton, and jersey are all too rough and weaken your hair. During the night as you toss n’ turn your hair is being roughed up, more specifically the outer layer of your hair strands called the cuticle. The cuticle is responsible for much of your hair's strength and resilience to outside toxins that get into your hair. Also if you color your hair, the less mussed up the cuticle, the longer the color lasts. Satin is a frizz fighting fabric. The pillowcases can be sold separately and pretty inexpensive.

I hope that with this knowledge you’ll find that frizz becomes easier to manage in the coming months. Unfortunately broken hair cannot be mended, however you can limit the breakage your daily routine causes and frizz will diminish over time.

Your stylist friend,
Christina at Vann.Edge Salon

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