Chicken & Champagne at Bok a Bok Fried Chicken

Chicken & Champagne at Bok a Bok Fried Chicken
Meet Bok a Bok: a Korean fried chicken joint and newly opened toast of the town in South Seattle. The fast casual concept by Chef Brian O’Conner (previously of Roux and Skillet) is just in time for summer – aka the season delicious spicy fried perfection. Stop in for a quick lunch with a Sake back or grab a 100 piece wings for your inaugural Hawks pre-season, game day party. The important part is you can get damn good chicken fast – plus a premium beverage to cool down.

The Chicken:
Before I dive into Chef O’Connor’s menu, let it be known that the chicken at Bok a Bok is not your ordinary fried chicken. This is the Cristal of chicken with a fiery Korean twist. Bite into a moist juicy boneless thigh coated in fluffy batter with an audible crunch. It’s subtly spicy, and if you like it kickin’ then coat it with the Bok a Bok 4 chili house hot sauce. Now you’re in business.

Chef O’Connor can’t divulge the exact method behind his illusive fried chicken, but we did learn a couple of secrets to the crispy tender genius at Bok a Bok. The chicken is treated overnight with salt brine then dredged and smothered in a starchy mixture. The result is tender, succulent chicken encased in light airy crunch. It’s hearty without being too heavy. Hungry yet?

Recommendations & Pairing:

#3 the Spicy Chicken Sandwich: a crunchy boneless chicken thigh with the Bok a Bok 4 chili house hot sauce, creamy red chili aioli, slightly sour pickled Serrano chilies, plus kimchi cabbage. Make it a combo with Sweet Potato Tots covered in Korean Chili Salt and a flaky homemade biscuit with spiced honey. Dip the tots in thick Bok a Bok ranch then wash the blazing delight down with an ice cold Hite or Rainier.

A tender Boneless Chicken Thigh is flawless on its own and dipped in Korean BBQ. But don't stop there. The Kimchi Mac n' Cheese is a must. Loaded with flavor and inevitably sinful, these two menu items go hand in hand. Pair it with a refreshing Soju Slushy and you'll be reveling in a sizzling, fried chicken bliss.

The Champagne:
Have champagne taste? Then you're at the right place because there's champagne service - champagne makes sense at Bok a Bok. From the Southern comfort samplings to the Korean flare and the warmth of Chef O’Connor’s crew, Bok a Bok is the diamond of fried chicken. Go early and be careful who you tell about this gem... if the chicken sells out before you get there (and we fully expect it to), you’ll be all fowled up.

Bok a Bok's full menu of insane deliciousness can be found here: FULL MENU

1521 SW 98th Street, Seattle, WA 98106 l Hours: 11 am – 11 pm l l Facebook l Twitter
Photo credit: Andrew Imanaka
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