Concert Review: 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball 2015

Concert Review: 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball 2015

The weather was cold and rainy the day of 107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball, but the adoring fans waiting to get in were full of bright and warm spirits. As I found my seat, I watched people pour into the pit, anticipating the live music to come. Some were festively wrapped in Christmas lights or wearing Santa caps. Soon the lights dimmed and the seated mass of people arose like a wave as Deep Sea Diver walked onto the stage.

The stage was painted purple by the lights above as they began to play. Deep Sea Diver definitely got the party started in Key Arena. They ended with a bluesy version of “O’ Holy Night” that captivated the crowd. It was such a pleasure to watch a local band play their first big show.

X Ambassadors was next. Lead singer, Sam Harris, ran around stage with the swagger of a Hip Hop MC and surprised everyone by wailing on an alto saxophone during the middle of their set. Their raw energy reminded me of a Rage Against the Machine concert.

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats swept us back into the 1940s with their big band style horn section. You could catch them shimmying together throughout the concert and even Nathaniel caught the dancing fever during a couple songs. The crowd sung along with their last number “S.O.B” and the band let loose with saxophone, trumpet and organ solos. 

The next group, Alabama Shakes, threw us into the 1960’s. You could really hear the raw emotion through the instruments as the band played. It was very clear that lead singer and guitarist, Brittany Howard, cherished every moment on stage. It was so powerful to watch her let go. Alabama Shakes’ performance was definitely a full body experience.

Walk the Moon brought us back to a more modern time as they opened with music from The Lion King. Their poppy sound definitely seemed to be a crowd favorite.

Ask anyone at Deck the Hall Ball and they would say that Twenty One Pilots stole the show. They were innovative and fearless, throwing in pianos, trumpets, ukuleles and bass guitars in and out of their songs. Their sound jumped seamlessly from hip hop to rock to reggae to electronic throughout the night. They commanded the crowd’s attention. Lead singer, Tyler Joseph, sprinted around the arena singing while drummer, Josh Dun, played a drum set held up by attendees in the pit. They received a standing ovation and were awestruck as they looked out into the screaming crowd.

Cage the Elephant is the long haired, hard rocking, guitar shredding band that your parents would hate, which makes me love them even more. The lead singer must have stage dived a dozen times and I wondered when they were going to start smashing their instruments. Sadly, they never did. Their raw appearance was oddly juxtaposed to the singer’s polite and soft spoken “thank you” at the end of each song.

Finally, the headliner Death Cab for Cutie took the stage. With the recent exit of guitarist, Chris Walla, the band had the help of two additional musicians playing guitar and piano. One of my favorite moments was when the band played “I Will Possess Your Heart”. The first four minutes of the song were instrumental. The beat slowly grew and grew in intensity until finally singer, Benjamin Gibbard opened his mouth. The stage lights bled red. Although, Death Cab was a softer and slower sound compared to the most of the bands it was excellent to relive those memories from their show a decade ago at the paramount.

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