Crank Your Metabolism Up

Crank Your Metabolism Up

We all have that one friend who eats pizza for breakfast and loses two pounds, while you chew on lettuce and kill yourself at the gym just to see not a pound lost at your next weigh-in. Unfortunately, we don't all come equipped with a fast metabolism, but do not get discouraged just yet. All it takes is a few changes to your routine and you will be on your way to becoming a lean mean calorie-torching machine.

Green Tea or Oolong Tea
Drink up! Studies have shown that people who drink multiple cups of green tea had a lower body fat percentage than people who did not. Consuming this much green tea can also burn up to 100 calories a day. So consider swapping out your java for a natural green tea boost, physically and metabolically.

Organic foods
As much as this seems like a given, we all know pesticides roam on our discounted non-organic fruits. These pesticides that have a hidden layer on our fruit contain something called “obesogens”. This is a foreign chemical that has been linked to obesity and slowing down the metabolism. So next time you are in the produce aisle, consider getting a little spendy and opt for the alternate route and choose organic. You’ll thank yourself later.

Want to burn even more post work out? That’s one of the main benefits of a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Increasing your workouts at a high intensity versus just going at a steady pace for a longer time has less benefits than smaller bursts of HIIT. To add to the benefits, the highly raved about workout also burns more fat over the duration of the day and build more muscle which improves the human boy’s metabolic rate.

Get more ZZZ’s
Skipping on your sleep can increase your insulin levels and makes you function at a much lower rate than if you were getting your proper eight hours of sleep. Also not getting enough sleep has been shown to boost your hunger hormone. This is why when you are feeling tired you usually are feeling hungrier and tend to opt for less healthy food choices, which you feel your body needs when deprived of sleep.

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