De-Bloat Before You Boat

De-Bloat Before You Boat

Can we please throw out the fact that Memorial Day totally crept up on us once again? The idea beach partying and showing off the bod seemed like it was months away instead of only two days. Now we sit unprepared for the weekend ahead, trying out to figure the quickest way to get in perfect shape. Well, you may not get exactly where you want to be, but luckily we have some last minute ways to get toned up. No plain old squats here, we are in crunch time. Let’s lift those booties, bulk those arms, and sculpt those legs for an unforgettable weekend, you procrastinators.

Stomach and Legs
Leg raises, leg raises, leg raises. Not just any leg raises - hanging leg raises. This is a fool-proof method to get that tummy tighter in a shorter amount of time and tone up major target areas.

Find a parallel bar and grab the two handle bars located on each side and put all your weight into the arm rests. The goal here is not to go fast but to lower your legs as slow as possible. You want precise movements so you can not only do the moves accurately but to get the most of your workout. Make sure you keep your legs straight during the process. Try to do 6-8 seconds up, then 6-8 seconds down. The slower you go the faster you will see some amazing results. As you do this, you will notice a work out in your arms, glutes and mainly the stomach and leg area.

Glutes and arms
Speed squats are the perfect workout for you last minute planners. It’s a regular squat with double the burn and double the moves. For your speed squats try adding any sort of weight preference whether it is a dumbbell, barbell, or any other kind of arm weights, to focus simultaneously on your upper body area. Hold the arm weights above your head while you are doing your speed squats. This will help challenge the process and tone your arms. You want to incorporate the arms but not make that your main concern. For this workout we want the main focus to be your back side.

To do this properly, squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor. After, raise your body up, putting pressure in mostly your heels. Make sure when doing this to not lock your knees when you stand straight up. Repeat your squats keeping your pace quick and smooth.

Fully Body
Bloating can likely caused by water weight so one the best ways to reduce is to sweat it out. One of the best ways is Bikram yoga or any type of hot yoga. The high rate of perspiration you get while in a high temperature studio works to flush out those toxins. Not only do the moves tone you up nicely but sweating everything out will quickly help with de-bloating. Not to mention it will leave your skin with an enviable glow, perfect for the long weekend.

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