Design Style Profile: Art Deco

Design Style Profile: Art Deco

In May of 2013, Baz Luhrmann released his visual masterpiece, The Great Gatsby, showcasing the exuberant and lavish lifestyles that decorated what we know as, "The Jazz Age." When I think about the Jazz Age, I hear trumpets blaring and bodies flying through the Charleston and Lindy hop. The setting is a dimly lit dance club with mirrors, geometric lighting, shiny black lacquered detailing, and lush velvet upholstery.

The Art Deco movement began in the 1920's in Paris before moving internationally throughout the 1930's and WWII era. This Jazz Age design era came after Art Nouveau, a movement focused on pastel colors and organic flowery lines. The Art Deco movement brought lively design, bright colors and bold design features made of exotic materials; giving an eclectic opulent vibe to interior spaces. Other common characteristics of Art Deco design include: symmetrical patterns, exotic materials, stainless steel, stained glass, mirrors, high contrasting colors, step patterns, sunrise motifs, high gloss finishes, chevrons, and sharp pointed edges.

How to create an Art Deco inspired space:

Art Deco

To create an Art Deco inspired space, start with paint. Colors from this era include both variations of bright and deep hues: greens, blues, reds, yellows and pinks are most commonly depicted. When choosing a color palette stick to up to five colors, not including neutrals, so your space doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

Wallpaper is also a great way to showcase Art Deco design, stick to a medium-large patterned paper so it doesn’t look too busy. When using many patterns throughout a single space, ensure they have complementary colors so they aren’t competing with one another.

Next, focus on your furniture. Pieces upholstered in leather or velvet will add opulence and glamour to your space. Studded or black lacquered detailing will add edge and a 1920s vibe to these pieces. Keep furniture pieces dark to add drama and sophistication. Anchor your furniture with a medium-colored large patterned rug for a pop of interest and to divide up an open space.

Accessories play a huge role in creating an Art Deco inspired space. Use deep colored metals, such as brass, copper and gold for an old-world charm. Decorate bookshelves with old worn books and metal antique trinkets found at your local flea markets.

Lastly, go all out with your lighting fixtures and select retro eclectic pieces that can also function as beautiful art pieces. Stained glass was a major feature of Art Deco design; anchor an entryway with stained glass sconces or hang a stained glass window panel on your walls.

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