Don't Let Your Mane Be Your Bane

Don't Let Your Mane Be Your Bane

It’s often hard to be proud of our natural color or texture of hair. We are all guilty of wishing we had anything but our own hair. There are ways to discover new, fun, interesting and exciting styles to wear your locks. However, if you hate your hair because “my natural color is just gross and drab”, or “it's just too frizzy and wild”, there may be options that don't take you away from your natural beauty. Here are the three most often received complaints I get in my chair that can first be remedied with products, express services and at home styling hacks.

Problem: “My natural hair color is just so dull.”
Solution: Gloss add-on is this sad hair days enemy.

This is a service that can be easily tacked on to a blow out or cut. It usually ranges from $15 - $25 and only takes about five minutes to a prearranged service. It adds shine and even a subtle hue to your hair (if you so desire) that can last up to 6 - 8 washes. So for those of you who treat yourselves to a blow out every couple weeks or a hair cut every 8 -12 weeks, this is a really nice way to add natural shine without ditching your natural color all together.

Problem: “My hair is so thin and flat.”
Solution: Blow-dry your hair upside down.

This simple trick utilizes the method used by your stylist to a less technical and more at-home friendly degree. When your stylist is brushing your hair forward and up and over, it's to dry your hair in the opposite position in which it would like to lay naturally. It causes it to sit out farther from the head, thus adding volume. By holding your head upside down you will be adding body to formerly “flat” hair. Use a product with a touch of hold to boost the effect and add grit to thicken the hair. For wet hair, I suggest a spritz hairspray or thickening tonic and for dry hair use dry shampoo.

Problem: “My hair is really curly in some spots and limp in others. I’ve tried everything, but it always just ends up inconsistent and frizzy.”
Solution 1: Do not touch your hair while it is (air) drying.

This is hands down, (pun very intended) the hardest piece of advice to follow. Before you try this, spend one day counting the times you touch, pat, run your hands through, twirl, brush, fidget, put in a pony tail, take out of a pony tail etc. Here’s a bit of science for you - there are three things that cause your hair to change shape: heat (flat irons / curling irons), chemicals (perms / relaxers), and water. These different interactions break up bonds in the hair while exposure is taking place. As long as there is excess water in your hair, some bonds not fully connected in your strands. So if during the process of drying you’re continually reshaping that hair or manipulating it, it's not going to be anything like it was when you shaped it that morning.

Solution 2: Stop finger combing through your hair while dry.

What’s the one thing most people with curly hair avoid? Brushing their hair while it’s dry! Well I hate to tell you, but if all day your finger combing through your hair that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re breaking up your curl multiple times through out the day, causing it to get bigger and less managed. On top of that the oils on your skin is helping to break up the product you put in to last throughout the day.

If you’re bored with your hair and need a change, I’m all for that, but loathing your locks and wanting to escape them is not where I want anyone to be. Embrace what you’ve got and love it for what it is. It all starts with figuring out how to work it. Love yourself and dig your do.

Your stylist friend,
Christina at Vann.Edge Salon

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