Feel the Quick Burn

Feel the Quick Burn

In our fast paced and fast food filled society we tend to sacrifice our time on things we need most including exercise. As your diet is essential in losing weight or keeping your body so is exercise. As we all know, not all exercises are created equal. Some require a long time before you can burn calories while there are some who can help you burn calories within a few minutes. Exercises that will get your heart rate up (aka cardio exercises) are the fastest ways to burn calories, but according to shapefit.com, cardio alone does not work. If you wish to triple your calorie loss in the shortest time, it is recommended that you opt for exercises that combine both cardio workout and strength training. With that in mind, here are some highly recommended exercises for you to try to fit the busiest of schedules. You will be able to develop muscles and muscles help you to burn calories for many hours even after your work out.

Compound Power Workout
This type of workout features heavy compound lifts (e.g. squats, deadlifts, lat pull downs) combined with bouts of cardio workouts. Instead of just simply standing around after you perform each set, it is recommended that you perform some simple cardio workouts like jogging in place, burpees and jumping jacks. When you do this, you will prevent your body from achieving full rest so your heart rate will definitely be boosted and at the same time, you will develop muscles without sacrificing your caloric burn.

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(Lower Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, U-District, Shoreline, Redmond and coming soon to Ballard)

Aerobic Classes with Weight Training
Today, there are many aerobic classes that incorporate the principles of strength training. The classes would require you to perform aerobic movements with the use of barbells, dumbbells and other types of weighted fitness equipment. With these classes, you can be able to work your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system.

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Corepower Yoga's Yoga Sculpt class 
(Bellevue, Ballard, Capitol Hill, Greenwood, Queen Anne, University District)

Cycling Sprints
Many people think that cycling is just a form of cardio exercise but the truth is, it also helps you to develop muscles in the butt and legs area. This is a strenuous workout which would require lots of energy (also known as calories). For best results, it is recommended that you cycle in 16-19 mph range. In addition to that, it is also best that you do a 60-second all-out sprint in between cycling rounds.

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(South Lake Union and Bellevue)

Who here says boxing will not help you to develop muscles? Well, the ripped bodies of boxers are great proofs that this exercise can help you develop muscles. If you wish to burn the most calories, punch or kick the punch bag nonstop for the entire two minutes. Take a 30-second rest after each session. Repeat the routine for eleven more times.

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Ballard Barbell and Boxing Club
(1107 NW 54th St, Seattle, WA 98107)

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