Feeling the Love From National Oyster Day

Feeling the Love From National Oyster Day

I developed a love for oysters when I lived in New Orleans. Oysters from the Gulf of Mexico never leave the menu in New Orleans. These oysters are meaty, and mild because of the fresh water from the Mississippi. From the famed Oysters Rockefeller to free oyster Fridays at Le Bon Temps Roule, New Orleans is a good place to kick off an oyster obsession. But being back in Seattle has taught me a thing or two about how lucky oyster lovers are here in the Pacific Northwest.

Not sure where to start your own journey through the vast sea of oyster choices? Have no fear – you can still feel the love from National Oyster Day. Check out these Seattle favorites for Pacific Northwest oysters to get you started. And remember, you might just find a pearl. Happy shucking!


Aside from your typical oysters on a half shell, RockCreek does shooters. The typical oyster shooter gets cocktail sauce, lemon, and vodka, but naturally if you get one at RockCreek the shooter experience will be over the top. Oyster purists may shy away from the shooter, but for spirit lovers that can appreciate a great flavor combination – don’t miss the shooters – they are a unique menu item that you will not find anywhere else. As far as which one to get? We’re torn between the Aquavit with dill, cucumber, olive oil and roe and the Sake with ginger, ikura (salmon roe) and Japanese basil or shiso.

Happy Hour: $4 oven roasted oysters like the ‘Brock-a-Fella,’ with Wisconsin’s smoked Nueske’s bacon, shallot, thyme and tamarind butter

Bar Melusine

Baywater Sweets, Humboldt Golds, and Summerstone’s from Port Townsend are just a few of the varietals offered at Renee Erikson’s elegant, sea foam green splashed Capitol Hill spot. True to their name, the Baywater Sweets are as sweet as can be – they are also salty because of their location in upper Hood Canal closer to the sea. The Humboldt Golds are one of the most common to see cultivated outside of the Pacific Northwest. These California babies are slightly smaller and brinier with a grassy, herbal flare. Summerstone’s are another briny delicacy, cultivated in cold water with proximity to the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Happy Hour: $1 off oysters Sunday – Thursday from 5 – 6 pm

Elliott’s Oyster House

Each week, Elliott’s goes through 7000 oysters – they don’t pre-shuck so guests can expect these jewels of the sea to be 100% fresh out of the sea. Located right on the iconic pier 56 Elliott’s a great place for locals to come re-discover the awe inspiring Seattle waterfront. Currently the featured oysters at Elliott’s are Deer Creek, South Sound Kumamoto, Little Skookum, and Snow Creek Pacific. The Deer Creek and the Kumamoto’s are more mild and creamy while the Little Skookum and Snow Creek have a more robust, briny, seaweed flavor.

Happy Hour: Chef’s choice of freshly shucked oysters on the half–shell $1.50 from 3 – 4 pm and $2.50 4 –5 pm

The Brooklyn

The Brooklyn is an urban class act known for fine cuts of meat, quality seafood, and oysters. Featured Washington oysters include Wolf Beach Totten Inlet’s, Shigoku’s from Willipa Bay, and Puget Sound Sea Cows. Expect a fatty, mild meatiness with medium brine from the Totten Inlet, a light, fresh cucumber complexity on the Shigoku, sweet deep cups of plump meat on the Sea Cows.

But the best reason to get your oysters at the Brooklyn is the Beer & Oyster with four 3.5 oz select samples of today's draft paired with the ideal oyster companion for only $12. You can also step up your game and get the Vodka & Oysters with Caviar for four half ounce select samples of premium vodka and an oyster with caviar pairing for $17. Either way, you’re guaranteed to find true love.

Happy Hour: Fresh Chef-selected oysters on the half-shell $2 from 4 – 6 pm


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