Festival Review: Bumbershoot 2016

Festival Review: Bumbershoot 2016

The Bumbershoot Festival was one hell of a weekend. What makes Bumbershoot so special is not only the different musical genres it provides but also the wide variety of entertainment as well. For 3 days, Seattle Center is taken over by music, comedy, theatre, film, visual arts, dance performances and more. The ability to jump from a yoga class, to a laser show, to stand up comedy and still have plenty of time for live music is something you mustn’t take for granted. Of course, Bumbershoot also attracts a classic mass of festival folk who range in age, creeds, color and music preference. No matter the differences, all of us were there to have a great time together and enjoy the last bit of summer, which despite a bit of rain during Friday, shined down on us splendidly for the rest of the weekend. It had been almost ten years since my last Bumbershoot and I’m grateful for the fun and memories from this weekend with my friends.

Like the regular fashion of any festival, there were many dilemmas with artist’s set times. It’s easy to say “How dare this festival make us choose between Death Cab and Porter Robinson? Or Tame Impala and Third Eye Blind”? But, it is impossible to see everybody and this sad truth is often hard to swallow. I’m sure every year the Bumbershoot organizers pull their hair out trying to build the perfect schedule. We should always remember to be happy that so many wonderful artists want to come and play in Seattle and that we have the opportunity to run around the Seattle Center to see them. Many of the stages like Memorial Stadium, Starbucks and Fisher Green have easy access where you may come and go as you please. I was very lucky to see some of my favorites like Kygo, Maiah Manser, Reggie Watts, White Denim, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, G-Eazy and Tame Impala on these stages and never have to worry about lines. Other stages like Key Arena and KEXP required a fairly large line and waiting time which made sadly my group avoid them all weekend. I always have a hard time waiting in a line for an artist while simultaneously missing other artists because I am waiting in line. Sort of mind boggling isn’t it? I’m hopeful that next year, Bumbershoot will figure out a way to make all stages easily accessible for eager fans just hoping to explore all kinds of music and entertainment.

I’ve had the terrific pleasure of attending many concerts this summer. Bumbershoot was a perfect way to close out the summer (although I will be attending Magnifique in a few weeks). Some things that I will always remember from Bumbershoot are dancing to Kygo in the rain, Macklemore bringing out G-Eazy and Seahawks members, hearing the local and fantastic, Maiah Manser sing so beautifully and of course, watching Tame Impala melt my brain for the second time in two weeks. I would like to thank the wonderful city of Seattle for hosting this event and congratulate Bumbershoot on 46 fantastic years of music and entertainment. Let me know what you all are planning to do for the 47th!

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