Five Stocks To Watch

Five Stocks To Watch

Today, one way to increase your disposable income is to invest in than the stock market. If you wish to be successful in the stock market, there are three important knowledge and skills that you should develop as an investor. These include knowing what stocks to buy, which stocks to sell and when you should pull the trigger, which all of these are the hardest things to predict. To help you with the one-third of this dilemma, we have narrowed down some stock options to buy in 2016. According to, here are five of the stocks that have received straight A’s when it comes to their quantitative, total and fundamental performance for the past year. Based on their past performances, it's predicted they will continue to rule the stock market for the upcoming months.

INCR Research Holdings Inc (INCR)
With the many diseases and illnesses that plague people today, the pharmaceutical industry continues to develop new formulations and discover new drugs. Before they can get these drugs into the market, their new developments would have to undergo rigorous and extensive safety trials spending $3 billion to do so. INCR is a subcontractor that specializes in getting medicines through safety trials. INCR is a rapidly growing player in the drug development industry and the future is looking bright for them.

Ormat Technologies (ORA)
ORA is a great player in the renewable energy sector, but their company is not subjected to the high cost issues that come with solar wind energy along with other renewable sources. This is because this company is responsible in developing, building and operating utility-scale geothermal plants in different parts of the world. According to researches, it seems like ORA will increase its value by 35% before the year ends.

Flagstar Bancorp Inc (FBC)
This Michigan-based bank has been using the money deposited to them very well for the past few decades. Thanks to the Fed’s zero interest rate policy, regional banks like FBC will have a nice rate bump since it does not have to deal with trading desks along with other legal issues. In fact, it seems that this bank will finish 50% up by the last quarter of the year.

United Fire Group (UFCS)
This is a casualty, property and life insurance company who have gained a lot with the recent Fed’s rate rise. Just like any other insurance companies, United Fire Group invests the premiums paid out to them in different businesses. But they set aside some reserve in the event that a calamity strikes. Instead of saving their reserves in the bank, they keep theirs in US Treasuries. When the rates rise, it means added profit for the company.

American Woodmark Corporation (AMWD)
This is one of the biggest players in the cabinetry industry in North America. While you may think that this is a direct player in the real estate market, this company serves not only home buyers. In fact, their services are available to existing homeowners who wish to renovate their homes as well as renters since they sell products and offer services that are foundational in both home building and renovation. Even when the real estate market is not earning that much, AMWD almost doubled its value in 2015. Can you imagine what would happen if the performance of the real estate market goes up this 2016?

Regardless if you are just starting out in the stock market or you have been investing in the market for a long time, these are some stocks to watch if you want to fatten your biggy bank.

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