Flavor of the week: Seattle Strawberry

Flavor of the week: Seattle Strawberry

Strawberries are not exotic. They aren’t a part of the latest food trend. They aren’t as summer nostalgic as blackberries or good for muddling like raspberries. But as one of the most popular flavors of all time… It’s not so bad being a strawberry. Whether you like ‘em traditional with rhubarb, pickled or reinvented, we got you covered. Here’s our list about where to get your fix for National Strawberry Month – best enjoyed with a very expensive glass of champagne.

Berry Boozy

Strawberry Fields
Clever Bottle
Stop at this slice of sophistication amidst Belltown’s bar row for your daily dose of class. Strawberry Fields is more than just the double-A side with Penny Lane. Try strawberry infused tequila with citrus and pink sea salt. More refined than its sister drink, the margarita, but just as fun to be around.

Come in on Sunday, Too
Shaker + Spear
Shrub has become as wildly popular in the last couple years. Shaker + Spear inside the Palladian makes their strawberry shrub in-house. They combine it with Milagro silver tequila, bittersweet orange Ramazzotti, smokey vida mezcal plus bubbly club soda and the result is a subtly fruity concoction perfect for the ultimate day of rest.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Clear Brandy
Old Ballard Liquor Co.
Small batch eau de vie style brandy by Ballard’s artisan nano-distillery. Old Ballard is always trying something new in the tasting room and this year is no exception. Released in January the Strawberry-Rhubarb Brandy has strong notes of vanilla and fruit. And speaking of strong it’s bottled at 120 proof… Hey, nightcap.

& They’re Like… It’s Better Than Yours

Snoqualmie Gourmet Strawberry Ice Cream Hand-dipped Shake
Uneeda Burger
Indulge in a milkshake! A thick, creamy, hand-dipped strawberry treat is just the ticket to cooling down this summer. Pair it with the Crimini Mushroom Burger: porcini and black truffle salt, shallots, gruyere cheese – sexiest burger shake combo.

Balsamic Strawberry
Molly Moon’s
This just in: May 22 is the Seattle Ice Cream Festival at Chophouse Row. Anyone else salivating? Make plans to get in on all the local samplings and be sure to try Molly Moon’s Balsamic Strawberry. Real Washington strawberries and ribbons of thick balsamic reduction made using local honey balsamic vinegar, are the key components of the best ice cream you have ever had. The strawberry strikes again.

Lennon Approved

Green Strawberry Salad
Someone once told me that pickled fruit doesn’t make sense. Rising to that challenge is one of our new favorites to the Seattle dining scene: Mollusk. The green strawberry salad showcases pickled green strawberries, crunchy radish, wild watercress, savory pistachio crumble, dry cured olives, with tart creamy rhubarb labneh. This is not your run-of-the-mill strawberry situation. Dare to be different – I’ll see you there.

Rotisserie Chicken
The Carlile Room
The Carlile Room does it with strawberries and garden-fresh spring onion. We don’t normally associate fruit and rotisserie chicken but you will be surprised about how this works. The juicy sweetness of the roasted strawberry with the succulent, crispy skinned chicken is a mod nod to opposites attract.

Better Together

Buttermilk Biscuit Shortcake
Lark is Seattle’s widely recognized farm to table destination headed up by John Sundstrom. Like always, Lark’s seasonal dessert is dressed to impress. A play on strawberry shortcake starts with a warm, flakey, buttermilk biscuit then gets topped with rhubarb, strawberry, tres leches, and salted almond crumble.

Strawberries 'n Cream
Seattle Pops
Inspired by the Mexican Paleta, Seattle Pops are 100% natural and filled with local, organic ingredients, plus real cane sugar. The strawberry options are abundant with flavors like Strawberry Basil, Very Strawberry, Strawberry Banana (no sugar added), and Strawberries n’ Cream. Grab one at your local farmer's market and drink in the refreshing taste of pure sweet summer happiness.

Are you down to get on the stick? This popular Safeco snack will have you sayin’ My Oh My. Shishkaberry’s chocolate dipped strawberries combined with the titillating thrill of a home game is always a grand slam. And on that note, it’s time to refill the Dom.

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