For the Love of Dogs

For the Love of Dogs

Dogs, what do we love about them? Better question is what don’t we love about them? They’re our most loyal companions who only want to spend time with us. That's probably the reason why when National Dog Day was celebrated last Friday, August 26, social media channels were flooded with pictures of dog owners and their furry friends. As most dog lovers know the love for dogs is unexplainable even when they aren't your own. They warm your heart and make you smile with their quirky personalities. So grab your furry best friend, pop some popcorn, sit back, and these watch dog starring movies you both can appreciate. 

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
Homeward Bound is about the grand adventure of two dogs and a cat - I know, we will let it slide - who are desperately trying to return to their owners. Shadow, Chance and Sassy make their way through wilderness, outsmarting wild animals and dog pound employees and eventually find themselves back in loving arms. 

Marley and Me 
You know Marley and Me had to be on this list. This comedy with a tear jerking ending is all about Marley, the world’s worst dog. He is hyperactive, unpredictable and always getting himself or his owners into trouble. Despite his behavior, Marley secures a spot in a growing family who begin to realize how special he is to them when he gets sick. 

Where the Red Fern Grows
You most likely had to read this book in elementary school and pretend like you weren’t crying when you read the ending but c’mon, it got to us all. Where the Red Fern Grows shows us that there is truly no bond like that between a child and his/her dog and makes us cherish the relationship we have with our pet. 

Air Bud
Buddy isn’t your average dog. He can play basketball! And when he is found by a lonely kid, Josh, looking for a friend, their connection is instantaneous. As their friendship grows, both Buddy and Josh make the local basketball team but things get complicated when Buddy’s old owner comes to claim him. This cheesy yet touching movie will make you wish your dog was as talented as Buddy and also makes you think, what if Buddy choked during his first game? The coach would have felt like an idiot. 

Best in Show
Finally, a little comic relief. Best in Show is a mockumentary about the lives of five different dogs and their owners who compete in a national dog show. All the characters are ridiculous in their own way and it’s hard to say which is the wackiest of the group. Best in Show shows us the great intelligence of dogs and the never ending love and sometimes, frustration that comes with having one.  


Seaside at Anacortes, Washington
Opa! It’s Omega Ouzeri

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