Get Your Dream Job

Get Your Dream Job

Searching and applying for a job is one long and tedious process that you must go through if you want to achieve your dreams. It may seem complicated, but you can be successful in your job search and getting the job you want by familiarizing yourself with these useful tips for each and every step of the application process.

Set the Stage
Before you apply for any job, it is important that you set the stage for success first. One of the best ways to do this is to fine tune your social media accounts. Today, most employers use the statuses and pictures posted in your profiles to determine how reliable and trustworthy an applicant is. Review your profiles to make sure that your online image represents how you want to be perceived by your prospective employers. Remove any unprofessional photos and take down statuses that will make you look like you could be a nuisance or unprofessional employee.

Write the Right Resume
How you write your resume will make or break your chance of getting the job. Some of the things you should include in your resume are your past work experience, workshop and training certifications and professional references. When writing your resume, you should include keywords that are related to the job and industry that you are applying for. Additionally, you should try to sell yourself a bit but make it as concise as possible so it's not too long. Make sure to proof read for any mistakes and format the text so it is easy to read.

Nail the Interview
The interview is the most difficult step of the process. Before the interview, take time to research about the company, hiring manager or the job opportunity that you have been presented to have a clearer understanding of what the job entails. Additionally, you should review common questions and prepare your responses to such questions. You must also plan out your outfit with the culture, mission and vision of the company in mind. During the interview, greet everyone you meet inside the office so you can make a great impression. No matter how hard it is, try to be upbeat, confident, focused, authentic and candid while avoiding bad habits and be aware of your body language. You must also not forget to ask insightful questions so the interviewer will see that you are really interested in the job. Lastly, try to mention your redeeming qualities and useful skills without overselling yourself.

Follow Up
It may take some time before you will get a call from the company and knowing when to follow up is a bit tricky. As a rule of thumb, you should wait for three to five days before you follow up. The best way is by sending them an email. When writing the email, make sure that you address the right person and address them by name. Do not forget to state your name and which position that you have applied for. In one to two sentences, inform the person that you are excited to work for the company and remind them why you would be a great fit for the position. Close the email with a positive statement informing them that you are looking forward to hearing from them soon. Make sure to proof read the letter before you hit send.

With the amount of applicants vying for the job that you are applying for, you have to step up your game if you wish to get the job that you want. With the tips mentioned above, you can certainly increase your chances of bagging your dream job.

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