Inside HBO's Westworld

Inside HBO's Westworld

In a time where virtual reality has truly become our reality, HBO takes it a few steps further with a reboot of the 1973 classic, Westworld. When you enter the new Westworld as a newcomer, anything is possible. You may gamble, visit a brothel, hunt outlaws, rob a bank, kill and do anything else your heart desires. And best of all, you can’t be harmed. You are God. For the androids or “hosts” who inhabit Westworld, it is an entirely different story. You are merely a brush stroke upon a canvas, a sentence in a book that can be enjoyed or destroyed depending entirely on the actions of the newcomers. You might be pampered one day then beaten the next or even worse, murdered. You are simply there to satisfy the customers in any way possible. But no matter what happens to you, you will wake the next day bright eyed and bushy tailed, knowing nothing of the delights or horrors of yesterday. Ignorance is bliss right?

The plot is spread out for the audience in the first episode. We meet the important characters inside and outside of Westworld and are given a glimpse into a small problem with the androids. A new update has recently been installed on all androids, causing some to malfunction. This results in a few androids remembering things from their so called past lives as other characters in the town or going outside of their characters carefully written story line. We are made to believe that the problem is contained and being resolved but the dark foreshadowing of things to come are all too clear in the background.

Watching the first episode of Westworld, you cannot help but think of movies like The Matrix and Ex Machina. Where meanings of reality become skewed and questions like “what does it really mean to be human?” must be asked. This series will no doubt be a roller coaster of not only action packed and gruesome western style violence but also deep psychological terror. I am very excited to see how this story will develop and will be waiting for the cringe worthy moment when the androids finally turn on the humans and all hell breaks loose. As the original Westworld slogan goes “Boy, have we got a vacation for you!”

As always, thank you to HBO and Cinerama for putting on this wonderful premiere.

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