Kick That Secretary Butt Goodbye

Kick That Secretary Butt Goodbye

It’s the challenge every cubicle sitting, nine to five going, office living person faces. We have our jobs that burn little to zero calories, yet we’re supposed to lead healthy lives and burn more than we take in. How can we when we spend most of our days sitting in a chair? This phenomenon dubbed “secretary butt” is growing - no pun intended. Luckily you can avoid it with some ways to get kick that butt back into shape.

Get Some Stability
Sitting all day can promote a slouchy posture. Incorporating a stability ball in your work routine can not only help improve your posture, but it also increases balance and stability. To add to the benefits, you won’t be able to rely on leaning on the back of a chair, which means you will have to engage your core muscles instead. Over time you will notice more strength in your abdominal area. Think about switching your office chair to a stability ball, even if it’s only for a few hours at a time.

Take A Break
Try to stop what you are doing every hour (or as much as you can) and give your body time to stretch and move around to keep your hands and wrists from cramping. If you are not able to take frequent breaks then try standing when you are on the phone and try to move around as much as possible. Consider getting a step monitor so you can keep track of the progress you are making. Use lunches as an opportunity for exercise. Consider taking walks on your lunch with your co-workers for an afternoon pick me up.

Go H2O
A benefit about a desk job is that it is much easier to be more conscious about drinking water and staying hydrated. Keep a glass right next to your desk to remind yourself to constantly keep drinking water throughout the day. Need some more motivation? For something fun to do at the office start a “gallon challenge” with your fellow hydrating seeking co-workers. Have everyone commit to finishing an entire gallon of water every day. Make a jar between everyone and whenever someone doesn’t finish their gallon they will have to pay up.  At the end of the week take the jar and treat yourselves to something good, you’ve earned it! To top it off your digestion, skin, and energy will be on point and you’ll be feeling amazing.

Be Smart
When it comes to lunch time it can always be tempting to go out to eat somewhere for our long-awaited breaks. The problem with eating out is nutritious options are scarce and can leave much room for bad choices, not to mention the hidden calories that can be disguised as healthy. Try packing healthy options so you are not tempted to make poor food choices. If you do decide to go out with your fellow employees, scan the menu online ahead of time and choose the healthiest option so when you get to the restaurant you won’t be tempted with the other choices. 

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