Metallica Rocks Seattle


(photo credit: Kjell Redal/The Seattle Times)

Metallica arrived in Seattle this past Wednesday, August 9th to perform at Centurylink Field as part of their 2017 WorldWired tour. It's been 9 years since Metallica rocked this city and Seattle fans were drooling at the bits to experience their heavy metal hits lining up before noon in hopes to see 36 year old band members walk by. 

I consider myself a true "Metallica head" being a loyal fan since their first time they began. Wednesday was my 5th time experiencing the WorldWired tour.  I've seen them in East Rutherford, Uniondale, Detroit, Montreal. Every show has blown me away and it was exactly the same at CenturyLink Field.

The show kicked off with a played track of “Ecstasy of Gold” that transition into Lars Ulrich fast drum thrashing beats to introduce "Hardwired." Once the deep pulse of Robert Trujillo's bass hit the air followed by the vocals of James Hetfield screaming "Atlas Rise!" I was in full hand banging mode as was the entire crowd around me. It was at that moment Metallica cemented exactly what they were there to do in one word - ROCK. 

After Metallica's signature ballad, "The Unforgiven" the rapid heavy metal sounds sped back up with "Now That We're Dead" with a synchronized bongo drums performance by the band in the middle of the song.  "Halo on Fire" marked the middle of the concert followed by solo acts by Kirk Hammett strumming riffs of "I Disappear" and Rob playing "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)" giving homage to previous bassist Cliff Burton who was killed in 1986 from a tour bus accident in Sweden. 

Overall, the concert lived up to my awesome Metallica banging expectations playing a majority of their songs from their self-named album and Hardwired... to Self-Destruct and closing the show with one of their biggest hits, "Enter Sandman."

Out of all the concerts I have seen on this tour, I will say Seattle knows how to bring the rocking vibe way up. This was by far the best crowd of Metallica fans I've raged with. The fans don't just love Metallica here, you could tell they appreciated them for playing in Seattle and passionatlely rocked nonstop through every song beginning to end. 

- written by Jonas Garelle 

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