Mind Over Mattress

Mind Over Mattress

We’ve all talked about it; want to do it, but somehow sleeping always gets the best of us. Of course going back to bed and hitting the snooze button is always the easiest thing to do but what if we got in a routine, woke up early and started doing more with our day. Getting a head start has not only been proven to make you more efficient, more successful and happier, but it also sets you up for a better life and improves your daily habits. Not to mention that you won't have to make the ever so difficult choice of choosing between the gym and happy hour. So wake up early and start preparing for greatness while the rest of the world is still dreaming.

Get Prepped

Start your day with some meditation and a good stretch. This is something that most people do not allow time for which has a huge impact on your day. They say the most successful people wake up early and reflect on what they want to accomplish each day. Think about what your priorities for that day are, how you will get them done, and don’t set limits for your mind. Be in a relaxed state of mind and body. Being still gives us a chance to look at the greater picture and take a step back, versus just mindlessly going and going like a rat on a wheel. Give yourself 15 minutes to really clear your mind in order to prepare yourself for a great day. Don’t forget to stretch and loosen any tight muscles to remove soreness from your workouts.

Get that java 

Give yourself a little time to just relax and have your “me time” in the morning. Coffee is the perfect excuse. Take a minute when enjoying your hot cup of java and take it all in. Whether you feel like going outside to smell the roses, scroll through your Facebook feed or watching the news, do whatever it is that you want to do in that moment because life is all about enjoying the small things. Now that you’ve got that caffeine boost in you, it’s time to break a sweat. The best part is at this time of the day is that you will get all the toxins out of your skin and leave your face with that refreshed post workout glow.

The Workout

Sign up for an early trainer or gym class. Having someone waiting for you adds to the pressure of waking up early and being accountable. It’s easy to blow off yet another workout when it’s 6 am and sleeping in just sounds better than just about anything else the world. Knowing there is a consequence might just be the motivation to point you in the right direction.

Run Forest, Run!
Rejuvenate and take in all of nature’s glory with a morning jog along with your favorite play list. If you’re trapped in an office all day, try finding a trail near your house. Running is a great way to get your heart rate up and get a good amount of cardio in while it rejuvenates your soul at the same time.

Home is Where the "Heart rate" is
Don’t feel like dragging all your stuff to the gym before work? Weather too crappy to even step foot out? No worries we’ve killed all your excuses! Workout DVDs are yet another way to get your morning workout in. The best part, you can choose from a variety that work with your style and goals. Best part, you get to avoid dragging your duffel to the gym and those highly awkward public shower encounters.

So go out there and get an early morning head start, you early birds, so that you can wake up a happier and healthier and better adjusted you. The absolute best you that you can be, each and every day.

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