Must Have Apps for Dog Owners

Must Have Apps for Dog Owners

Having a dog is similiar to having a child. It can be a lot of work, but the love you feel for best friend is unconditional. Whether you have a free or busy schedule, having extra help never hurts. Check out this list of must have mobile apps for your dog from finding it friends to chilling it out. 


DoggyDatez (free)  
Socialize with other dog owners who are also out walking their dog. You can be good by “marking your territory” to see who is close by or you can get feisty by taking over other’s territory.

BarkBuddy (free)
Maybe you want to find a long term love for you pup. Search local single puppies looking for a home. It provides full profiles of the eager loving dogs so you can browse to find the perfect match.

Tindog (free)  
Ever been on Tinder and swipe across those profiles where the dog is cuter than the owner? You have to wonder whether it’s really their dog or just a sucker technique to get you to swipe right. Well you don’t have to question that anymore with Tindog. You can choose whether you are looking for love or looking for your dog to make friends.


Tagg ($79.95) 
Track your dog’s activity through a GPS collar that sends notifications to your phone if it goes beyond the boundaries you set. In addition it measures your dog’s movement to make sure it is getting enough exercise.

iCam (free or pro $4.99)
Ever wonder what your dog is up to when you’re not home? Well now you can with this real time security like camera. You can set up cameras around specific spots throughout your home and keep an eye out through your phone.


Pet First Aid by American Red Cross (free)  
The American Red Cross created a free app to help you out in a pet emergency and everyday care. It includes video to teach you how to aid in common cases and CPR techniques. Find early warning signs to prevent your pet getting sick and get advice on how your dog is acting, administrating medication and more.

Vet24seven (price varies)  
If you can’t get to a vet, are in need of one, Vet24seven allows owners to reach out to one at anytime. Create a pet profile, choose a veterinarian, level of urgency and whether you want to chat via video or phone. The consult ranges in price dependent on the vet, but average cost is $40 - $60 for 10 minutes.

PetCoach (free)
This new app allows you to get free advice from verified vets, trainers and pet experts. Simply post any health, nutrition or other pet related questions and get answers quickly and easily.


BringFido (free)  
Whether you’re traveling or living in the dog-friendly city of Seattle this app is great to find dog friendly spots from hotels, parks, beaches restaurants and more. Locations may have restrictions so you can filter by your dog’s breed to makes sure it is allowed.

ResQWalk (free)
It’s important to walk your dog to make sure its getting enough exercise. Feel even better about it knowing not only are you walking your dog for its needs but also for other dog needs. Every time you walk your pup, money is donated to homeless animals that is funded by sponsors.

Walk for a Dog (free) 
If you prefer to choose your own shelter to walk for in this other fundraising dog walking app. Once the dog walking tracking is over, a green heart pops up to verify the donation also funded by sponsors and advertisers.


Cutesy (free)  
Is your dog cute or not? Find out through this pet app where users can rate your pet to see how cute it really is or the cutest of them all featured on the app’s leaderboard. Don’t worry you can judge other pets too.

BarkCam (free)  
A photo app to make your dog smile. BarkCam has a sound feature that you choose to get your dog’s attention to take snap an easy pic of your lovable pet. Filter the photo, add stickers and quotes or turn it into a funny meme and share with all your friends.


Dognition ($19)  
Dognition is an app via web not phone, but it is worth it to help understand your dog better and understand the way it thinks. When you sign up you are given a set of tests to perform on your dog and record the results. The results provide you with your dog’s profile allowing you to train them more effectively.

Relax My Dog ($1.99) 
Does your dog need to chill out? Does it suffer from anxiety or freak out at the smallest things? Well download this app and get your puppy or dog to relax and go to bed with its relaxing dog music. It is also a great a medication alternative and helps with separation anxiety.

Pavlov Dog Monitor ($1.99)  
If you live in an apartment or community where dog barking can cause complaints from neighbors, then Pavlov Dog Monitor is a perfect fit. The iPad app lets you set up a “good dog” and “bad dog” message that will play while you’re gone. If your dog barks, the bad dog message will scold it and if it stays quiet the app will praise it with the good dog message. Oh... and your dog can also message you via Facebook.

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