Must See Summer Flicks

Must See Summer Flicks

With the coming of summer we welcome not only warm weather but also new movies. When you need a break from the sun or the classic Seattle summer rain, duck into a theater near you and check out these upcoming summer movies. Enjoy.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
Release Date: May 20th

Once again, parents Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) must battle the Greeks who have moved in next door. This time they are the unruly ladies of Kappa Nu. They are young, they are attractive, and they are scary. The couple’s best friends Jimmy (Ike Barinholtz) and Paula (Carla Gallo) join in the fight and also call in reinforcements from their ex-neighbor, Teddy (Zach Efron) and his fraternity brothers. Will they be victorious in shutting down Kappa Nu or will they only make the girls angry?

Free State of Jones
Release Date: June 24th

Free State of Jones tells the true tale of a southern farmer, Newt Knight (Matthew McConaughey), who led a rebellion against the Confederacy with the help of his wife, other farmers and local slaves. Their challenge started an uprising which led to Jones County, Mississippi seceding from the Confederacy. Newt continued to be a compelling figure of defiance long after the war was over. This will be an intense, inspiring and moral defining movie for all those who watch.

The Infiltrator
Release Date: July 15th

Veteran federal agent, Robert Mazur (Brian Cranston) goes deep undercover with his new partner Emir Abreu (John Leguizamo). Their job is to infiltrate Pablo Escobar’s drug trafficking ring that ran rampant in the 80’s. In this line of work, one small mistake could cost you your life. We will follow the agents as they cleverly navigate their way through a vast criminal network and watch them build a case leading to indictment of 85 drug lords and the collapse of major banks. Any crime movie enthusiast won’t be able to resist and Breaking Bad fans will cherish watching Cranston step into a dangerous character once again.

Suicide Squad
Release Date: August 5th

In this explosive, action packed movie, world class villains are recruited by the US government to accomplish a task too dangerous for superheroes. Will they band together and succeed or let their evil, selfish intentions get the best of them? Starring Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as the Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and many more, this will definitely be a wild ride. Lock your windows and bolt your doors, the US government just created the worst superheroes ever.

Release Date: September 16th

Edward Snowden is a man considered to be a hero by some and a traitor by others. In this film, Snowden, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, joins the CIA after an injury takes him out of military action. He is soon offered a position with the NSA. But when he realizes the NSA is conducting illegal surveillances of all citizens, he cannot stand idly by. He decides to leak restricted information to the general public but has no idea who or what will come after him or those he loves. The real Edward Snowden is still living in Russia and considered to be the most wanted man in the world. Whether you support his actions or not, follow him down the NSA rabbit hole in this epic thriller.

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