Honoring the Margarita

Honoring the Margarita

Did somebody say fiesta? Contrary to popular belief, the best date to drink Margaritas is not Cinco de Mayo, it’s actually February 22 – our country’s very own National Margarita Day. Historically speaking, National Margarita Day is one of the most widely celebrated national holidays in the US, coming second only to National Beer Day (April 7th). Sources have reported that 98.9% of National Margarita Day participants will do all or most of the following: 1. Enjoy the countless benefits of fermented agave, 2. Listen to The Champs, and 3. Eat chips with salsa. As for the 1%, we’ll call them designated drivers. Which side do you want to be on? That’s what I thought, amigo! Give your driver this official National Margarita Day itinerary then hit the silver and gold paved road to the frozen concoction that is helping us all hang on.

Little Water Cantina
Little Water is known for the Don Juan of margaritas – the Margarita Mas Chingona: This ultimate smooth guy lets you have your choice of Patron Roca and Cointreau. We like the Patron Roca Añjo because it’s distilled in small batches and aged in used bourbon barrels. Hints of ginger and black pepper go nicely with the dream of white sand between your toes, lime and agave nectar.

The lime is to the coconut as the mango is to the margarita. Pesos it keepin’ it hot hot hot with the Fiery Mango Margarita. If you haven’t had a spicy marg, this is the place to try one. Pesos does theirs with a smoky lunzual reposado, patron citronge, and habanero. Pairs great with almost anything, but will taste especially exceptional on February 22 with a plate of Crispy Pork Carnitas that comes with fresh tomatillo, avocado salsita, escabeche, house-made tortillas.

Another fruity fusion gets executed with flavorful swag at this well-loved Belltown spot for strong drinks and an authentic take on cuisine south of the equator. Skip the piñata and give your taste buds a sweet treat that goes by the name of Frambuesarita. Orendain Blanco Tequila, raspberry purée, muddled lime, Scrappy’s Firewater, ginger beer, chipotle-raspberry-salt rim is better than a party than calling in sick for a party at Cabo Wabo.

Milagro is the kind of refined establishment that will make your margaritas right – both on the rocks and frozen. Don’t let it go and treat yourself to the El Santo. This blended frozen concoction is reminiscent of what you might expect from a frozen margarita on the Eastside, but it comes with the classy St. Germain float. It’s icy, floral, and best enjoyed before a long stroll down Lakestreet. Let your hair down and National Margarita Day will do the rest.

Cantina Lena
The most interesting margarita in the world might just be the NW beergarita at Cantina Lena. Lena takes their house marg with Zapopan reposado then adds IPA for a cocktail that Seattle can be proud of. It’s not that a margarita with beer is new, but you can assume if it’s NW style it’s just better (and more interesting). Add jacobsen sea salt plus a spruce tip – the result is a Seattle spin on National Margarita Day worth a salud. ¡Viva Tequila!

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