Hello November...

Hello November...

As autumn has settled in and preparing for its last month of reign, November comes upon us. As October closes celebrating witches, ghosts and ghouls, November opens honoring the saints. Holiday decor has taken over every shop with a small trace of Thanksgiving dashed in between. The 11th month reminds that year is creeping to an end and a new year will soon be upon us. National Blog Posting Month is November, we decided to honor it by posting a blog on days to remember, holidays to celebrate and fun facts to know about November. 

November 2016 Days to Remember

Tuesday, November 1: just in case you didn't know what day it was

Sunday, November 6: Daylight Saving Time - turn your clocks back at 2 am. "Fall back, spring ahead." If you are in the majority, you have a cellphone that does that for you and can't remember the last time you owned a clock.  

Tuesday, November 8: ELECTION DAY - Vote people, people fought for that right so honor it.

Thursday, November 17: Great American Smokeout - put on by the American Cancer Society to help smokers quit smoking. So put your smoke out for at least 24 hours and hopefully forever. Your lungs will thank you for it. 

Wednesday, November 23: Blackout Wednesday - a.k.a. Drinksgiving, is the biggest night of year where people go and party. Also the night for the most bar fights and DUI's. Be safe partygoers - no one wants to spend Thanksgiving in jail. 

Thursday, November 24: Happy Thanksgiving or Turkey Day... whichever you prefer. 

Friday, November 25: Black Friday - where shoppers go crazy for crazy deals in shopping centers across the country. Or you can wait until...

Monday, November 30: Cyber Monday and just order all that stuff online. 

November Holidays (that fall on the same date every year)

V for Vendetta made us remember November 5th. Guy Fawkes Day is actually a British holiday celebrating the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Guy attempted to assassinate Protestant King James via gunpowder but failed. Londoners stuck it to the man by celebrating the failed plot by lighting bonfires.

On November 11th, Veterans Day, we honor those who have fought in the wars and survived. Without them we wouldn't be where we are today. To our vets, we thank you.

October was National Pizza Month, but National Pizza Day is celebrated on November 12th, but the what the heck... feel free to celebrate all month.

National Pizza Day
National Pizza Day may have passed, but on November 21st, order another and binge all day... on TV shows in celebration of National Television Day.

November Month Long Holidays

Movember: where men become men with mustaches and beards and the rest just already have them. But there is a greater purpose behind the scruff; it's to the Movember Foundation address some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. Movember
Other diseases and health issue being recognized:

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Awareness Month
Epilepsy Awareness Month
National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month
National Bone Marrow Donor Awareness Month
National Diabetes Month
National Hospice Month

For a good cause 

National Adoption Month
National Homeless Youth Month
Transgender Awareness Month
Native American Heritage Month

For the love of food

National Good Nutrition Month
Peanut Butter Lovers Month 
National Pepper Month
National Pomegranate Month

Fun November Facts

- The name, November, is originated from the Latin word "novem" which means nine. In the original Roman calendar, November was the 9th month until the Romans decided to throw in January and February. If had been the 11th month to begin with it may have called, "Undecimber" because the latin word for eleven is "undecim." 

- When the cold weather begins, it could end up leaving you feel wel... "Novemberish." This Old English adjective was the month's original name meaning dreary. Obviously Pumpkin Spiced Lattes were not available during this time.

November Historic Happenings

- "Four scores and seven years"... Okay a lot longer than that tne the most influential speeches, Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, was given in November 1863.
Lincoln Giving Gettysburg Address
November was a busy time for new states of the United States in 1889. On November 2, North and South Dakota officially became states of U.S. don't ya know? Six days later Montana followed.

- Mark Twain, American author, and British statesman, British statesman Sir Winston Churchill were both Sagittariuses being born on November 30th.

- Bell Telephone Company introduced to the public the push button phone in November 1963. Raise your hand if you ever used one of these babies.

1948 prototype phone
- Parker Brothers introduced the world to the Monopoly game on November 5, 1935. Longest. Game. Ever

Runway Reimagined: Project 8.1
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