Seattle's Fit Clubs

Seattle's Fit Clubs

Need a break from the gym and want to find a new SWOL squad to hang with for a while? Go check out Seattle’s trendiest fit clubs and find a new way to stay in shape. From staying zen to dabbling in the tech side of fitness, there's something for everyone.  No excuses people.

Sync Fitness
Need that tight knit support system to get that motivation when you go to the gym? Well then  you might need to be a member of this squad. Sync Fitness keeps you in check and held accountable and is a great way to be part of a group all working towards the same goals and get that feel. Sync combines boot camp classes and weight loss programs to help you achieve any of your goals. Not sold yet? Go in for a complimentary consultation and see if the shoe fits.

ZenRock Fitness
Take a holistic approach to transform your mind, body, and soul. Believers in optimal wellness and is a form of art, as well as science. Trainers at ZenRock direct you to approach your health journey by focusing on long term strategies that combine western technology and eastern philosophy.

KoKo FitClub
Get away from your typical gym scene and come explore the realm of the tech world. For $100 a month you get high tech fitness that helps you every step of the way. Koko's computers monitor your workouts and tell you if you are not doing them correctly. Disconnect from the outside world and focus on yourself. Every KoKo FitClub member gets a key that tells you when your last workout was and what they need to do for their next work out. Designing a nutrition, strength and cardio program that is based off your body, fitness levels and goals.

Six years into the game and it’s safe to say that Orangetheory is not going anywhere anytime soon. Orange you glad to hear that? This small group fitness class focuses on HIIT which stands for “high interval training”. In a typical class you will switch up from cardio to strength training to get the most efficient workout in your one hour session. Here you will be provided with a health monitor that reaches 5 different ranges of colors and your goal in each class will be to reach the orange zone. Oh and in case you were worried about the temptations of slacking off, have no fear because you’re stats and vitals will be displayed on the screen for your group to see. No pressure. After your class your results and progression will be emailed to you.

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