Something Old, Something New: The Dunbar Room’s Summer Menu

Something Old, Something New: The Dunbar Room’s Summer Menu

First Hill’s Hotel Sorrento has been on our radar since before the Space Needle. Built in 1909, the building was named a landmark in 2012. It's caught attention for everything from its luxurious rooms, popular event programs and haunted 4th floor. Amongst these Hotel Sorrento gems: The Dunbar Room.

The Dunbar Room has revamped its menu to reflect fresh seasonal summer ingredients. The classy ambiance, dim lighting, and sophisticated vibe will stay the same. The new summer menu is ideal for a warm summer night on the front terrace of the hotel where the coal fire pit will burn well into the night – especially Thursday – Saturday with featured live music.

While I didn’t get to try the famed burger (Chihuly swears by it), the new, subtly Italian-inspired menu is still worth writing home about. Elegant dishes with a modern flare are the perfect fit for a dimly lit date night turned staycation. Because if you are anything like me, you will want just one more Emerald City Sunset before staying up all night waiting for the ghost of Alice B. Toklas and then binging on The Dunbar Room’s brunch in the morning.

Set your sites on summer dining with a preview of the new menu highlights:

Sorrento Caprese
Forget the normal Caprese. The Dunbar Room does it with ancient semi-hard, grilled and flavorful Mediterranean halloumi. Green and yellow heirlooms plus fresh basil get stacked side by side drizzled with balsamic reduction.

Prosciutto Bruschetta
Toast is trending and The Dunbar Room offers some of the best. We loved the sweet syrupy fig and salty prosciutto over a goat cheese spread. This finger food is easy to eat as a flavorful snack and pairs great with one of the more boozy menu items like the Farmhouse Lemonade with top shelf gin, St. Germaine, fresh squeezed lemon and basil.

Tuna Confit
A-perfect-for-summer tuna salad. Tender flanks of albacore tuna rest be side delicate greens tossed with lemon and olive oil then surrounded by marinated peppers, olives, and a soft boiled egg. In the best bite, a generous piece of tuna, bitter green, and a crunchy slice of pepper get dipped in runny yoke.

Creamy Polenta with Prawns
Succulent giant prawns with sweet bell pepper peperonata, garlic, basil, lemon, crunchy parmesan frico cheese crackers on top of thick and creamy polenta. Straight out of Italia, this is a showstopper dish for those who enjoy a crisp glass of Straccali Pinot Grigo from Tuscany.

Asparagus Risotto
Indulge with creamy seasonal risotto. Garden asparagus is added to risotto slow cooked with rich grana Padano in a pasta that’s wonderful for special occasions… Or just another summer night on the town.

Click here to check out the new full menu.

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