Soup for the Cold Seattle Soul

Soup for the Cold Seattle Soul

Is the Seattle freeze real? Will our cold souls ever melt? Initiate the warm-up process with a little help from National Soup Month. There are stews, bisques, purees, cups and bowls; learn about some of our favorites in this heart-melting tale of 5 soups situated across neighborhoods, cultures, and flavor palates. What they all have in common is comfort …and in the words of Oliver “Please sir, I want some more!”

Tortilla Soup, Fogón
The mention of Fogón makes me mouth-water no matter what’s on the menu, and I always start with the tortilla soup. What makes this tortilla soup different from all the others? One reason might be their homemade corn tortillas – this is a family owned place out of Michoacán, Mexico and the authenticity shines through. With shredded chicken breast in broth with crispy tortilla strips, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, Monterrey cheese and crema Mexicana this sopa is your ideal appetizer.

Tom Kah, Kaosamai
Sweet and sour soup in the hustle bustle of Fremont. If you haven’t tried the Tom Kah this five start favorite is a must during the winter season. It’s spiced with chili paste so it’s good for that persistent cold that’s been coming on. It’s distinguished with a zesty nod from the lemongrass and sweetened with creamy coconut milk. We love Kaosamai because they cater and they also roll around South Lake Union during lunch.

Matzoh Ball Soup, Napkin Friends
According to the National Restaurant Association, Jewish food is hot in 2016. See what the buzz is about at Napkin Friends and don’t miss the Matzoh Ball Soup. Matzah balls are an Ashkenazi Jewish soup dumpling traditionally served in chicken broth for Passover. The broth will sometimes simmer for hours and Matzah dumplings will soak up the rich flavors. Pair it with a Napkin Friends latke sandwich – my preference is the O.G.

French onion, 13 Coins
You might know 13 Coins because they are one of the best places for 24 hour dining in Seattle, Seatac, and the newest location in Bellevue. Their extensive menu includes everything from breakfast, sandwiches, seafood and steak. But a standout item is their 13 Famous Coins French Onion Soup: “Rich broth of sweet onions and French bread, baked with gruyere, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.” 24 hour Ooh la la.

Shorabat Adas, Mamnoon
We’ll come full circle on Capitol Hill at Mamoon for their orange lentil Middle Eastern soup. When served in homes, it’s commonly known for breaking the fast at the end of the day during Ramadan, usually be served as the first course of iftar. Cumin and turmeric are staple spice flavors. Mamoon does theirs with cumin, fried garlic, and coriander. While it’s simplistic ingredient wise, the taste is still vibrant. The hearty healthy triumphant soup comes with crispy Arabic bread.

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