Southern Hospitality at Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen

Southern Hospitality at Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen

Every once in a while I desperately miss the southern flavors of life in New Orleans. And not just the food—the slower pace and the charming hospitality. Thankfully, Kickin’ Boot Whiskey Kitchen in Ballard comes pretty close to achieving everything that makes southern dining great with plenty of lively, country ambiance. Beware: It’s not fussy. It’s a place to have a fun, kick-back and enjoy. It’s the kind of place where everything on the menu just sounds good.

From the Creole BBQ Shrimp with Worcestershire to the Chicken Pot Pie soup, Butcher Shop Burger with pimento, and variety of BBQ it’s hard to make a choice about what will satisfy your cravings for southern comfort the best. Check out the favorites and find some new ones of your own.

Fried Green Tomatoes
Before coming back to Seattle, I would routinely go to a neighborhood spot around the corner from my house and order the fried green tomatoes. I thought I would never have true southern fried green tomatoes like that again until I tried the ones at Kickin’ Boot. The fried green tomatoes aren’t on the traditional menu—but they should be! Served as a special at the time of tasting, this ultimate Southern specialty is not to miss. The tomatoes are brined then get breaded with a secret blend of batter and spices. The sweet and mild tomatoes are perfect with crunchy breading (other places that I have tried can be soggy). Served with slightly spicy rémoulade that will have the whole table raving.

Applewood BBQ & Skillet Cornbread
While the Southern Fried Chicken is the most popular menu item (and it’s easy to see why), try the Applewood BBQ plate. The BBQ that is the most impressive menu item namely because all of the meats are ground, brined, cured, stuffed and smoked in-house. The meats available range from fall-off-the-bone St. Louis style spare ribs to Carolina pulled pork and house cured ham. Get the tender and juicy smoked Texas style beef brisket with the house spicy BBQ, then choose sides like macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and cheesy grits. Get a separate order of the Skillet Cornbread. The warm melt-in-your-mouth southern specialty comes with churned in-house bourbon molasses butter that will have your taste buds partying like its Mardi Gras.

Chocolate Pecan Pie
Flakey crust is filled with whiskey caramel, decadent chocolate pecans, and homemade whipped cream. If you saved room for desert, the homemade whipped cream is a huge selling point although the Apple Crisp with Makers Mark ice cream is a tough second. My best advice is to get it with a nightcap. Kickin’ Boot is known for their rotating barrel aged whiskey cocktails in addition to a well-rounded collection of local whiskey and spirits. Try the smokey smooth Barrel Aged Boulevadier with Rittenhouse Rye, sweet vermouth, Campari, and citrus.

Y’all Come Back Now…
I’m already planning my next meal at Kickin’ Boot to try the fried chicken and waffles on the brunch menu and watch a Seahawks game in the bar. The Chicken & Waffles comes with that same bourbon molasses butter that I can’t stop thinking about, plus their Smokehouse Mary comes with house smoked bacon and a beer back. I may have left the south but my time at Kickin’ Boot is just getting started.

Find the menu item that will satisfy your cravings by checking out the full menu here.

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