Things Women Say But Actually Mean

Things Women Say But Actually Mean

Louann Brizendine says it best ”Women have an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotion, while men have a small country road.” It is no secret that men and woman have a completely different way of communicating. Women can definitely be more open, but usually to cater to what we think a guy wantst to hear... not too come off as "crazy."  As a woman, I can understand how confusing we can sometimes be to a man and how confusing a man can be to a woman. I have to laugh because I tend to find myself in these situations often. But I'm here to clear it up and let you enter the "crazy" mind of a woman and we really mean what we say.

When you ask if it's ok you did something wrong... “It's fine.” - It's not fine. It's never fine. It's just not worth the argument.

When you ask if you can go out with the boys. “You can do whatever you want." - It's a test. We want you to stay and hang out with us. 

When you accuse us of being mad... “I’m not mad” -  We're annoyed or really hurt.

When you ask if we care... “I don’t care." - Yes, yes we do.

When you ask if we are ready to go out... “I’m almost ready.” - Give us at least 30 minutes.

When you ask if there if there is something wrong... “Nothing's wrong.” - You know exactly what's wrong, just admit it.

When you forget to do something we asked you to do... “Don’t worry about it." - Most likely you didn’t follow through so it's too late, we will take care of it ourselves out of spite.

When you apologize for doing something wrong... “It's ok." It's not ok, but give us 5 minutes and we will be over it.

If out of the blue we say... "You know what's funny?" Nothing. Nothing is funny. You just got busted doing something wrong. 

When you get a text or hear the words ... “I need to talk to you.” - Some serious shit is about to go down.

When we ask... "What are you doing?” - We want you to respond and say "nothing" so you come and hang out with us.

When we met a girl that is your friend... “She’s nice.” - We don't know her so until then we don't like her.  

When we see you say hi to a girl, but act like you don't really know her... “How do you know her?” - Have you slept with her?

When the bill comes on a date and we say... "I got this."  We really hope you don’t actually let us pay.

When we ask... “Did you have a busy day yesterday?” - You must have, because I didn't hear from you.

When you say you don't want to be in a relationship... "I don't either. I'm cool being friends." We are just playing it cool and hope you change your mind.

When we ask... "Are you sleeping with other people?" We are asking if we are exclusive.

If you are speaking of the future and we say... "I don't care if I ever get married." We really have the dress, bridesmaids, flowers and location ready to go.  

When we say "I love you"… We mean it. (But secretly we hope you say it back.)

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