Tips for Textured Hair

Tips for Textured Hair

For all you beautiful textured haired ladies out there, we asked award-winning AVEDA Texture Artist Lisa Vann for some pro tips on our most asked questions.

Vann.Edge Salon - Tips for Textured Hair

What is good advice for someone who is trying to go from straight (continuously flat ironed or previously relaxed) hair back to their natural curl?
LV: Getting weekly conditioning treatments in your favorite salon. Conditioning treatments give hair added moisture, which can help create a great curl set that will last through the week.

How do you add shine to hair that is feeling dull and dry? 
LV: There are many shine product that you can use to finish your style to keep your hair from feeling dull and dry. My favorites are AVEDA Brilliant Humectant Pomade or Jojoba oil. Other great products you could try are; Ted Gibson Shine Lotion, Bb Shine on Finishing Spray, Mizani Defyne Wax to name a few.

What is the best advice you can give someone with textured hair who wants to go lighter?
LV: Before lightening highly textured or Afro hair be sure to consult with your stylist first. It’s important for a stylist to know your hair history and to examine the hair before any color service. When doing textured hair, I like to use a highlift color with a lower level of developer such as AVEDA's Full Spectrum Deep line which is specifically designed to be used on coarse darker levels of hair. If I have to use a lightener on Afro hair, I dilute it using shampoo, lower level developer and add I like to add in lavender oil to maintain moisture.

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