Top 5 Ways to Eat your Feelings on Super Bowl XXXXX

Top 5 Ways to Eat your Feelings on Super Bowl XXXXX

The Hawks had a good run despite its tragic end. We can look back fondly on Baldwin’s one handed snag against Minnesota, Rawls’ 209-yard game against San Francisco, and Lockett’s unexpected rookie year. Does Cam Newtown’s record breaking season and smug pearly white sneer sting? Yes. But I’m here to let you know that the Hawks will fly again, the Broncos could upset the Panthers, and if all else fails, you can still eat your feelings. Here’s how:

1. Artichoke Dip @ Yard House:
Who doesn’t love the Yard House? This spacious, swanky sports bar is equipped with over 100 craft and imported beers on tap plus a menu that’s stacked. Eat your feelings 101: Get the Lobster, Crab & Artichoke Dip. The creamy four cheese blend comes with chips and baked pita will halt your tears for at least 15 minutes or more.

2. Wings @ Quality Athletics:
Quality Athletics is the perfect place to lose your feels about the NFL in a flurry of sports clad décor and high end bar eats. Hit the turf with someone who hates Cam Newtown just as much as you do and commiserate over the spiced to perfection Crispy Charred Chicken Wings. The wings are glazed with sweet chili buffalo sauce, then served with black garlic ranch and pickled celery. Game on, Cam.

3. Poppers @ Shelter Lounge:
You’ve wolfed down poppers with cream cheese but desperate times call for something new to revive the pallet and the spirit. Treat yourself to some R&R at Shelter Lounge’s Greenlake location and indulge in the Pb & J Jalepeno Poppers. The creamy, sweetness offsets the crunchy spice for an unexpected treat equivalent to the pleasure you get every time Cam Newtown is sacked – yep, they’re that good.

4. Nachos @ Rookies Sports Bar & Grill: A Columbia City classic for bar food that can cure-all. Best bet is the hearty Irish Nachos. Rookies takes kettle chips and then adds beer cheese, shredded corned beef, chive sour cream, and green onions.

5. Wild Card @ Sport: John Howie’s Sport in the shadow of the needle is perhaps the classiest place to remember that even though the Hawks season is over, there is still reason to live. Get the wild card favorite and reminisce about the Hawks highlight reel with the comforting flavors of Tempura Bacon: Crispy fried smoky bacon is served with a maple infused take on Indonesian sambal dipping sauce. Best enjoyed with a cold pint and a confident outlook for next year.

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